Package Tracking Software for Apartments and Student Housing

If you’re like most property managers, the massive increase in online shopping has left you and your staff with an endless pile of packages to log, sort, and manage each and every day. This is why we developed Notifii Track, the industry’s best package tracking software and notification system specifically created for apartments communities and residential buildings.

Quite simply, Notifii Track will reduce the time it takes to log packages and notify residents from minutes down to seconds. Our web based package tracking software makes it easy for anyone on your staff to manage all aspects of package tracking from arrival to pick-up, resident notifications, and everything in between.

Watch this video and see how Notifii Track, package tracking software has reinvented package tracking and management for apartments and student housing

How Notifii Track Package Tracking Software Works

2 easy steps

Key benefits

Save time
Staff will spend 75% less time dealing with packages. The package logging process is reduced from minutes to seconds per package.
Increase accuracy and accountability
Accurately log all packages (tracking number, recipient name, date and time received/picked up, pickup signature, as well as upload parcel delivery pictures) for real accountability.
Accelerate pickup times
With our package tracking app residents are notified immediately, over 60% of packages are picked up within one day.
Increase resident satisfaction
The web based package tracking software allows you to login anywhere, anytime, getting your notifications to your residents as soon as possible. Residents love the email/text notifications and package accountability.
Fast and easy setup
Our web based package tracking software is simple and easy to implement. Get set up and become operational in just one day. The package tracking software is so easy to use, staff training literally takes five minutes.

With Notifii Track package tracking software you will reduce the time it takes to log packages and notify residents from minutes down to seconds.

Key features

Cloud-based software

Notifii Track web-based package tracking software provides you with one connected experience that works across all your devices. Whether you need reporting and analytics from your desktop or want to quickly scan a package from your tablet or smartphone, Notifii Track has got you covered. Notifii Track supports multiple concurrent users on multiple devices, giving you the most user-friendly experience in package logging and tracking.

Detailed package information

Notifii Track uses OCR technology to expediate the information loading process when logging packages. With the package scanner you can log packages with as much or as little details as you want. You can even take pictures of the package, upload parcel delivery pictures and capture an e-signature proof-of-pickup that is logged along with the package information. Timestamping and personalized settings for recipients create transparency and reduce any issues of package misplacement or liability.

Automatic notifications

Our package tracking software automatically sends out email and text message notifications as you log packages in. The automated notifications can be scheduled for certain dates or set to trigger after a specific action (or inaction) such as a package being left in the leasing office for too many days. The notifications can be fully customized to suit the needs of your residents.

Searchable history & reports

Notifii Track makes it easy to look up packages, run reports, and gain insight into your package management. Easily search for a package by recipient name or tracking number and pull all information regarding the delivery of that package. Generate reports such as daily package totals, monthly package totals, age of packages pending, speed of pickup, and more with Notifii Track package tracking software.

“Notifii exceeded our expectations and has become one of our most used amenities.”

Alyssa N.
Regional Manager, GrayCo Properties

Notifii Track Package Tracking Software Pricing

All pricing includes: unlimited use of all Notifii Track features and tools, initial account setup and online training, and continuous dedicated customer support. For pricing on larger community sizes or portfolio discounts, please contact us.

Apartment & Residential

Up to 200 units

$79/ mo

Up to 300 units

$99/ mo

Up to 400 units

$119/ mo

Up to 500 units

$139/ mo

Student Housing Properties

Up to 600 beds

$79/ mo

Up to 900 beds

$99/ mo

Up to 1,200 beds

$119/ mo

Up to 1,500 beds

$139/ mo

Property Management Software Integrations

Notifii is integrated with all the major property management systems: