OneLogin and Okta for SSO Integration

Today’s password requirements are nothing short of complex. A combination of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols are strong enough to keep out cybercriminals, but they’re also confusing enough to lock valid users out of their accounts.

As a company focused on improving productivity, simplifying the office delivery log, and streamlining daily package management, Notifii now integrates with OneLogin and Okta, two game-changing services that make clunky passwords a thing of the past.

What is OneLogin?

OneLogin lives up to its name, providing users with a centralized way to manage their online accounts and identity. Through the platform, users get one-click access to all their apps using a single set of credentials.

The platform allows companies to set their own password requirements, such as complexity, required length, or restrictions on reused passwords. Once the integrated apps are added to the platform, users can rely on the single sign-on feature to access Notifii and other programs without having to juggle dozens of passwords and their corresponding requirements.

What is Okta?

Okta is the modern solution to combating account lockouts, password failures, and productivity-killing help desk tickets. The single sign on platform reduces login-related help desk tickets by half and speeds up login procedures. Users will verify their password once for each integrated app, then use the platform to sign into apps with a single click.

Why Better Password Management is a Workplace Must

Studies show that the average user has more than 130 online accounts to their name, so it’s not surprising that the majority of people use duplicate passwords. Having to remember 130 unique passwords would be a nightmare! Also not surprising is that nearly half use the same passwords they created five years ago.

But in the face of rising online security issues, reusing passwords and never updating old passwords is a problem. Passwords need to be easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess, but that’s easier said than done. Because so many users are falling into bad password practices, companies are forcing them to do better by making password requirements more strict (i.e. capital letters, lowercase letters, symbols, numbers, and a minimum character length).

It’s the thought that counts.

In reality, complicated password procedures slow down productivity. One study found that the average login attempt takes about five seconds. The average employee makes about five logins per day, which costs the company about $65 per year. The study also estimated that a single password retrieval or reset costs roughly $50 in lost time and productivity.

Because of the complexities surrounding modern password security, single sign-on platforms like Okta and OneLogin are thriving. They take the guesswork out of password protection by acting as a storehouse for all your login information — and that now includes your Notifii Track account.

How Notifii Track Integrates with OneLogin and Okta

Both OneLogin and Okta offer a number of app integrations, including Notifii, and walk you through the process of connecting your account. To use Notifii, you’ll log in through the single sign on dashboard rather than logging directly into Notifii.

It not only saves you a step in the process, but also ensures a 100% login success rate so you can take care of business on your terms.

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Benefits of Single Sign-On with Notifii

For employees who use multiple accounts throughout the workday, using a single sign on platform can cut the confusion and time-consuming process of remembering and resetting passwords.

Consider the following benefits of Notifii’s new single sign on integrations:

Better Productivity

One of Notifii’s most attractive features is its ability to scan, log, and notify in seconds per package rather than minutes. Password issues can easily eat into these time-saving benefits and slow your productivity, which is why Notifii now provides single sign on integrations with OneLogin and Okta.

Eliminates Bad Password Habits

Many people reuse passwords or make them too easy because they don’t want to go through the hassle of resetting them later. But these practices put the user’s account at risk of being compromised and ultimately defeats the purpose of using simple passwords.

When you don’t have 100 different passwords to remember, you can practice better password habits and avoid putting your accounts at risk. Create strong passwords that make it harder for cybercriminals to identify without making logging in harder on yourself.

Improves the User Experience

When you don’t have to continually reset passwords or remember complex requirements, a better experience becomes a natural byproduct. It saves you time and frustration so you can better serve your customers, and they’ll appreciate your dedication.

How to Use Notifii Track Single Sign-On Integrations

Given the influx in package delivery, managing packages in the workplace has easily become a full time job. Mailroom workers are being forced to explore new options in receiving packages, managing the delivery log, and notifying recipients, and can’t afford to let password issues get in the way of doing business.

Notifii’s integrations with OneLogin and Okta are included in Notifii Track, and you can take them for a test drive. Try Notifii Track free for 14 days or click here to schedule a personalized demo and see how Notifii helps you work faster, better, and safer!