Last-Mile Delivery Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The global marketplace has undergone a massive transformation partly due to the unprecedented growth in technology and the e-commerce industry. Also, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Reports show that consumers spent more than $861.02 billion on e-commerce in 2020 alone, a 44% increase from the previous year. With the growth also came a rise in digital marketplaces and a change in consumer preferences, demands, and expectations. Today’s consumer is keen on cost-effective and timely package delivery services. This has necessitated the need for the shipping and logistics industry to up its game. Players in this industry are forced to improve their last-mile delivery services to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Unfortunately, this development also comes with its own setbacks. This piece explores some of these challenges and how as a property manager or package room management, you can overcome them with an efficient package management software like Notifii Track.

Why Efficient Last-Mile Delivery Services is a Critical Aspect of Customer Experience: Examples from Notable Brands

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, online shopping sales rose to an annual 32.4% in 2020 and 39% in 2021, respectively. More and more people are adopting online shopping. So e-commerce stores are doing everything to boost their last-mile delivery services to ensure the best customer experience. The rapidly expanding e-commerce ecosystem has shifted the attention to last-mile delivery services. This is the final delivery stage where the package is delivered to the customers’ doorstep. 

An efficient and quick home or office delivery process ensures the final consumer is happy and satisfied. As such, we’ve witnessed big, and small retailers give last-mile delivery a top priority. For example, Target, one of the traditional retail industry players, is making significant steps to improve its last-mile logistics. They keep up with the ever-changing market trends and consumer behavior.

The top US retailer recently launched its first-ever sortation center in Minnesota to accelerate its last-mile capabilities. The eighth-largest retail giant in the US recently announced that it would incorporate the technologies of Deliv and Grand Junction to enhance its Shipt delivery service. This has seen the company attain a 235% increase in its same-day delivery operations, prioritizing its last-mile deliveries. It plans to invest around $4 billion annually to boost its delivery services. 

How Online Businesses are Attracting Online Shoppers

But it’s not only the retail giants that are giving online business a whole new meaning. Even budding stores like Stop & Shop and Raley’s are doing a commendable job at improving their last-minute capabilities to attract online shoppers.For example, Raley’s recently opened an e-commerce fulfillment center in California’s Sacramento area. This is to meet the ever-growing demand for quick last-mile deliveries.

As of July 2020, Stop & Shop had over 50 pick-up points to improve its expanding e-commerce offerings. As a property or package room management, you can follow the same steps and improve your last-mile deliveries, albeit in small ways. You can incorporate a reliable tracking tool to eliminate package disorganization and confusion at the pickup desk and improve efficiency for recipients.

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Challenges Affecting Last-Mile Delivery Services

As with every innovation or venture, challenges are inevitable. The online business world is no exception. And especially shipping and logistics industry faces a myriad of setbacks, most of which include:

Lack of Organization

Disorganization during the delivery processes can significantly affect recipients’ confidence in your services. Whether they are residents or employees, these people need to know where their package is located and how and when it will be in their hands. This has seen some package managers adopting tracking codes to maintain the visibility of each package before it’s picked up. This is because with increased package volumes comes disorganization and confusion when managing packages. 

However, in this era of technology, tracking codes can’t do much because package recipients want real-time updates on the progress and status of each package. And that is where package logging software like Notifii Track comes into play. With this kind of inbound package tracking, property managers and offices can help residents and employees track the last-mile delivery of each package from front desk security to their hands. They’re also able to send instant message notifications on the status of each package. This boosts transparency and accountability.

Delayed Deliveries

Late deliveries are the most significant setback most delivery companies are constantly dealing with. Most can’t maintain the set timelines resulting in a high cost of operations. It also hurts a management’s reputation, frustrates residents and employees, and, ultimately, your business goals. Therefore, you need to create a reliable last-mile delivery strategy with the shipping company to counter delays. Part of this entails creating effective route planning and transparent communication throughout the delivery process.

Unreliable Technology

Using outdated or unreliable technology such as tracking devices slows last-mile delivery progress. This can significantly hurt the efficiency of your package management services which in turn could frustrate recipients who in turn, may look for alternative solutions. To avoid this scenario, you need to invest in robust and reliable package logging software like Notifii Track.

Inevitable Elements

There are inevitable circumstances that may affect the last-mile delivery of a package on transit. From bad weather to heavy traffic to vehicle breakdown, these elements may be out of your control. To minimize the damage you may suffer from such factors, consider creating a seamless communication channel with the shipping company and residents or employees to ensure transparency and timely response.

Improve Efficiency with Notifii Track

Improving efficiency in the last-mile delivery process helps property managers and front desk workers keep their teams and residents informed and keep themselves organized. Those who are focused on growth must find proactive ways to deal with last-mile delivery challenges. And for that, you need transparency and a robust package logging and tracking software like Notifii Track. 

Notifii Track is an adaptable package logging software that can be optimized to align with your package management requirements. For instance, you can integrate all your managed properties with Notifii Track. This tracking software can be tailored to suit your last-mile delivery requirements when logged in by management. One good thing about Notifii Track is that it comes as a cost-effective month-to-month service that requires no membership card. This makes it an efficient last-mile delivery solution.

How Notifii Track Works

Notifii Track software comes as a seamless tracking application that you can download. You’ll be required to log in, after which you only have to log your packages within seconds. Notifii Track software increases package pickups by 60%. It offers timely notifications to package recipients to ensure accountability. One of its key features is Smart Snap that is compatible with Android smartphones for scanning recipient information. 

The logging process is simple, and you can orient your staff with the software in less than five minutes. It works on any iOS/Android device or computer. Several users can use it to connect to multiple devices, sending updates and reminders to recipients to collect their packages. Finally, the system offers a seamless user experience in that you can scan a recipient’s signature to confirm proof of ownership without entering additional information. Contact Notifii today to request a demo.

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