Package Logging Room Considerations for Holidays 2022

The holiday season is almost here, with a few days to go toward the start of October. Coupled with Black Friday, it means an upsurge in the volumes of packages that will be streaming in. And any multi-family residential mailroom needs to prepare to receive the influx of those packages. This trend has been ongoing for some time. There’s a higher than expected upsurge reported in recent months, particularly in the wake of COVID-19. But the significant contributors of high holiday package deliveries are the booming e-commerce industry and delivery services like FedEx. Here’s what you need to know about package logging room considerations for this year’s holiday season. 

Lockdowns and cessation of movement brought by the pandemic saw online shopping reach an all-time high. And now, here comes the holiday season again, when an average mailroom would be in chaos. This makes package logging management an overwhelming experience. Thankfully, in this era of technology and innovation, there are manageable package logging room considerations you can make for the coming 2021 holiday season with the help of a reliable tool like Notifii Track.

The Expected Upsurge in Package Volumes In 2021

Last year saw a steady increase in the volumes of package deliveries compared to 2019 before corona hit. This year, the numbers are expected to double this year. Shipping and logistics professionals estimate an additional 89% increase in deliveries courtesy of Black Friday. That means any typical mailroom should be ready to accommodate the expected volumes of packages in the next few days and weeks to festive holidays. As a mailroom manager, how prepared are you to receive, store, manage as well as deliver packages of such magnitude?

According to Globe Newswire, Black Friday seems to be a common occurrence in the US, particularly around April. During this time, e-commerce sales remain at an all-time high. Multifamily residential stakeholders report significant increases of over 60 % in their yearly package volumes from March to June. And these year-over-year increases are expected to continue as the multifamily industry approaches the 2021 Black Friday sales and holidays season.

Emerging Trends in Multifamily Packages

Typically, an average multifamily residential apartment receives over 140 packages per week on average. The current estimates put it at 320 packages per week. That’s about a 92% increase and a year-over-year boost in package volume by 71% in the multifamily industry.

Shipping and delivery services also expect a significant increase in package volumes and deliveries. This is true since online purchases continue to increase with most essential products purchased online. According to USPS, they are anticipating an estimated 89% increase in package volume. That’s 19% up from 70% in 2020 when the pandemic started.

How You Can Simplify Mailroom and Package Logging Management With Notifii

Seeing the expected upsurge in package volumes, there’s no denying how chaotic mailroom and package logging management can be. At Notifii, our job is to ensure you operate seamless, efficient, as well as convenient package delivery services no matter the size of your mailroom. This, in turn, helps you reduce operational costs and delivery challenges. As the holiday season and Black Friday looms in, it’s up to you to find and implement new solutions that tackle these challenges as they come. 

Most online merchants and delivery service providers are reportedly well prepared for the new challenge and ready for business. However, the focus is on multifamily residential community managers. How do you prepare your community or facility? How will you receive, sort, store and manage an overflowing mailroom while maintaining COVID-19 protocols? Perhaps by adopting an effective package management technology: Notifii Track.

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The Notifii Track Package Logging Management Solution 

If you use the manual pen and paper to manage packages at your multifamily facility, then you could be spending more than $300,000 per month. However, in the face of the expected influx of packages delivered to your mailroom, the figures could stand to $10,000.

Notifii Track is a cloud-based package management tool that handles storage, automates records, and cuts labor costs. It offers responsive package delivery services with timely notifications to recipients. 

Notifii Track is an adaptable software that you can customize to accommodate your package management services requirements. For example, you may have several properties under your management and need to have them all integrated with Notifii’s efficient package management software. Our package tracking management system can be adapted to your requirements depending on the traffic volume you expect to receive and the number of residents. Furthermore, you don’t need a contract or membership card to use Notifii; the services are offered on a month-to-month basis making it cost-effective.

How Notifii Track Works

Notifii Track is available as a downloadable application. Once you’ve logged in, you can begin to log packages instantly. It’s a process that takes seconds to complete, hence saving you time.

  • Accelerates package pickups by 60%.
  • Provides instant notifications to recipients for ease of accountability.
  • It comes with a Smart Snap feature that you can connect to a smartphone to scan packages for recipient information such as name, address, etc.
  • Simple package logging and five-minute staff training.
  • Works on any computer or iOS/Android device.
  • Can accommodate multiple users on several devices.
  • Send reminders to recipients for unpicked packages.
  • Requires minimum log-in details. For example, you can even scan the signature on the package to confirm proof of pick-up without entering additional data.
  • The system provides searchable history and reports of daily, weekly, and monthly deliveries and pickups and the age of pending packages.

Get Ready for the Next Busy Season

With all the statistics and data showing the impending storm in the package delivery and management services, you don’t need any further warning. The best action to take now is to get ready for holiday business, starting with Black Friday in October.

Package management is crucial to ensuring resident rapport at this time. Furthermore, you want to make and save money while at it. Because what’s the point of doing business during a busy season and not making substantial profits from it? Notifii Track is a cost-effective solution for ensuring efficient operations and service delivery during this upcoming holiday season.

Learn more about how Notifii Track can help your package management services and save you money. Schedule a demo with us, and we’ll take you through each step!

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