The Best Way to Notifii Recipients that Their Package Has Arrived

We have all been there. A package arrives at the front desk lobby and sits for days, sometimes even weeks, cluttering up your mailroom or lobby desk. You don’t know what is in it if it’s valuable or not, so you just keep sending notices, taking more time out of your day. That’s where your package management system should come into play.

Our team here at Notifii decided to lay out some best practices to help you get those packages out of the mailroom and into the right hands faster.

Set up automated reminders in your package management tool

Automated reminders push text messages out at the frequency you define (every day, every hour, every week) until a package is picked up by the intended recipient. 

+Bonus points if you have your system integrated with Active Directory. This allows you to instantly pull up contact information from the name on each package.

Use place holders in the communications you send out to address each recipient by name

Over 70% of consumers expect a personalized touch when working with a company. In turn, it’s crucial to meet these expectations by tailoring content specific to your recipients – even when it comes down to package management. Drive the behaviors you want by giving each recipient all the information they need that’s specific to them.

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Send text notifications in addition to email.

90% of text messages are read in under one minute of arrival. Get your message across in a medium that is fast, easy, accessible, and not likely to get lost in the mix. Text message notifications are a great way to ensure that your mailroom gets cleared out fast and easily.

Use a system like Notifii Track to let your employees know their package has arrived using our automated text and email system.

Notifii Track will reduce the time it takes to log packages and notify employees from minutes down to seconds. Our web based package tracking software makes it easy for anyone on your staff to manage all aspects of package tracking from arrival to pick-up, recipient notifications, and everything in between. Best part? No long term contracts. Pay for as long as you need the service. Read more about Package Management Best Practices on our blog!