Package Management Systems – 10 Signs You Need an Upgrade

A lot of apartment properties still manage resident packages the “manual” way, with a clipboard and pen. But thanks to today’s online economy, packages volumes are soaring through the roof and package rooms everywhere are piling high, while phone calls and emails from residents and employees are flowing in. Sound familiar? Here are ten signs you need to upgrade to a better package management system.

  1. Packages are piling up to the ceiling because residents don’t pick up their packages promptly or residents don’t know to pick up their packages at all.
  2. You dread the sight of a package delivery person coming through your doors.
  3. It takes too much time to log the packages with your current system. You have staff who seem to do nothing but deal with packages all day, every day.
  4. Packages are frequently getting lost or misplaced. Financial compensation is hurting your bottom line. Residents are writing bad reviews online.
  5. You’re constantly answering “Have you received my package in the office yet?” phone calls from residents. Spending five minutes flipping through the logbook or searching the shelves to answer that simple question makes a bad impression.
  6. Your logbook is full of errors or lacks sufficient details for proper accountability.
  7. Your package logbook or binder has too many “active” pages. Even you can’t quickly locate the proper signature spot for the resident to sign.
  8. No one can read the illegible entries on the package log. It’s hard to even locate an entry from just last week to settle a dispute. If you don’t have (or can’t find) the proof of pickup, then you’re liable if there’s a dispute.
  9. You’re supposed to be a “modern and luxurious” property with lots of amenities. Well, package alerts via email and text message is another amenity.
  10. Even your residents are telling you to upgrade from the clipboard to software.

Notifii Track was designed to be make the whole package logging process go much faster and easier. Processing times for each package will be cut from minutes to seconds. Residents are automatically alerted via email and text message. Reminders are automatically sent when residents don’t pick up the packages promptly. It’s super easy to search your package history to get specific information on a specific package (including a copy of their e-signature proof of pickup).

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