3 Mistakes Managers Make with Package Notification Templates

Wooo! You’ve got a package notification software that saves your team time and money by organizing your mailroom. But package recipients aren’t picking up their packages as frequently as you expected – or you are getting the same volume of phone calls asking about packages?

It may be time to take a look at your notification templates. A package notification from a third party accepting packages on someone elses’ behalf, like an apartment lobby or corporate mailroom, needs to (a) give some context about what the package is (b) tell your recipients how/when they can pick it up and (c) the status of their packages.

Why Send Package Notifications?

Software like Notifii Track allows your team to send either text or email notifications to your package recipients to let them know when their packages have been processed. Without these, recipients often get frustrated and may pre-emptively attempt to pick up packages based on their carrier’s tracking. Notifications also serve as reminders for recipients that may not be expecting packages but receive one. For example, a family member may have sent a gift to a resident in your apartment community. They may not be actively trying to collect this package outside of your notification.

Notifications keep your mailroom clear and prevent package pile-ups, lots of questions from recipients, and package mix-ups. But it is important to make sure the right info goes out with each reminder.

Carrier Information

Your notification should include as much information that the carrier provides as possible. This includes the carrier name (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc..), tracking number, package weight, and most importantly who the package is from. If you use Notifii Track, all of this info comes straightfrom our OCR scanning tool. You take a photo of the label and the info will transfer over to our app for you to send to your package recipients.

This would also be the time to include any special handling instructions. If a package comes in with a hazardous, fragile, or perishable label, include that information in the notification to your recipients. They may collect their packages sooner if these are time-sensitive items.

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Pick Up Instructions

Customize your package notification templates with clear instructions to help recipients pick their packages up with ease. Is there a specific time of day they can pick up their packages? Include it. A specific building? Include it. Person to talk to when they arrive? Include it. The more detailed the better. You can also delay your notifications to specific times so that you can control the traffic flow of people coming to collect their parcels.

Package Conditions

Accepted a package that looks damaged? Crumpled or ripped? Including a photo of the package or a note before your recipients come to pick them up is crucial to provide context for your recipients. If it arrived damaged when you accepted it, your recipients know to contact the carrier and not pursue compensation from you. In many cases, too, photographs provide context to how to pick up packages. If the package is large, the photo would prepare recipients to bring a trolly or their car to help transport the item.

Many Notifii Track users who manage multifamily properties also accept food deliveries. The photo sent in the notification generally leads to a faster pick-up, since the items are perishable.

Ready to customize your templates?

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