Package Tracking Software vs Pen & Paper Package Logging

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$2,400 monthly

Pen & Paper

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Notifii Track

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“Our leasing office used to be bombarded with calls asking if a package had arrived. Notifii Track, package tracking software has been great because it texts and emails the residents when we scan packages in. It also sends pictures of the package. Super easy program to use. Time saver for sure!”

Tonya H.
Executive Manager, Paragon Properties
Capterra 5 star review

Package Tracking Software Saves You Time

Whether you need package tracking for student housing, a corporate office or multifamily housing, Notifii Track package tracking software is the needed solution to save your time and sanity. Notifii Track takes the stress out of package management using OCR technology to accelerate package logging and automated alerts to instantly notify package recipients.

"Notifii rocks!

This has been the best time saving tool period. We used to hand log and call people which would take at least 5 hours of our day. Now everything takes us about an hour. It is super easy to work with and every day I am learning something new."

Annamarie Jones, Manager at Park Webster

Package Tracking Software Saves You Money

No matter which industry your business is in, the financial strain of dealing with packages is impacting your bottom line. Notifii Track cuts valuable time used on package logging down from minutes to seconds. The instant notifications to recipients will rid your employees of the constant phone calls asking, "where is my package?" and provided reporting helps you and your team anticipate high volume times to stay ahead of the game.

"Notifii - easy to use, analytics, money saver

We did a time study - by using Notifii, we save approximately 30-60 seconds per package we process as opposed to using our previous software. Notifii also saved us money from our previous provider. The monthly rates and zero contracts make Notifii even more desirable. We are thrilled to be using this system!"

Brandon White, Manager of Corporate Facilities at PetSmart

Package Tracking Software Saves You Space

Space is extremely valuable in any industry. Don't waste it on storing packages indefinitely or installing large wall-consuming lockers. Free up your space, clear up your offices, and use Notifii Track to get packages picked up faster! Automated notifications can be scheduled to trigger on certain dates, or by specified actions (or inactions) to expedite your pickup times and get packages out of the office.

"Best package receiving app ever!

We don't have package pile ups in our package room and our tenants have been able to get notification of packages in the best manner ever. We would not know what to do if we did not have Notifii."

Jason De La Pena, Property Manager at Tradewind Properties

Package Tracking Software Reduces Liability

Don't be held responsible for lost or damaged packages. Gain complete accountability on your property, in your mailroom, or at your front desk. Notifii Track offers an intuitive user experience that allows for detailed package logging and a parcel photo function that ensures you have the proof that a package was delivered, and in what condition.

"Best purchase for the office!

The Notifii software is the best purchase we could have made for the office. It is an efficient use of time and tracking and is definitely worth every penny. We have not had any "missing" packages and the office staff is much more efficient, which makes us look better to our customers."

Amy Brown, General Manager at 922 Place

Package Tracking Software Builds Better Relationships

Your residents, students or employees are calling you nonstop looking for their packages, and blaming you when the packages are not there. Put an end to it and eliminate the tension between you and the package recipients. Notifii Track offers an instant package tracking notification system that keeps the package recipient in the loop at all times. The custom templates and scheduling can make your residents, students or employees feel valued and will create a gainful relationship for you.

"Best app for multi family properties!

I like most the ability to instantly let my residents know that their packages are here, safe and ready for pick up at their leisure. The business solution for us is streamlined communication for residents with an automatic follow up if they have not gotten their package."

Frances Holland, Property Manager at Priderock Capital Partners

Package Tracking Software Makes Your Life Easier

Simplify your package logging process and make your life easier. Don't let packages weigh you down and take back the time you need to hit your numbers and shine in your position. Notifii Track package tracking software quickly logs packages, notifies package recipients, offers reporting, and can give you back your time!

"123 and Done!

Just like that, separate the packages, enter the apt number, scan and complete. The notification to the residents is the best, why? -because they know their package has actually been delivered. Solving a million problems, less calls to the office, residents can stop by and not waste any time. I've had an amazing experience working with Notifii. I truly appreciate the service that Notifii created to make our jobs just a little easier."

Natasha Jones, Assistant Manager at Premier Property Management

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