Pitney Bowes Alternatives: How to Make Your Mailroom More Efficient

Why Dan Made the Switch

Dan, the Director of Auxillary Services at one of our Higher Education Client’s campuses was running into issues with his current package management solution. Not only did he need to organize and keep track of student packages, but also those of staff. “The software that we used prior to Notifii Track was a product called Pitney Bowes Arrival. While it had a lot of great features, there were some limitations involved. We weren’t able to send text messages to our students, making changes to the software was very, very expensive, and it involved a pretty significant upfront cost for a server, the software, specific hardware that would only work with that. Those were just some significant barriers for us over the long run,” said Dan. After making the switch, Dan and team were able to clear out their mailroom faster thanks to our automated text messages and automated reminders, train up students much faster with our simple workflows, and save big on their service with our month-to-month agreements!

“The system is very intuitive, very straightforward. The very few times we’ve had issues with the software, the support team has been fantastic in getting back to us very quickly. Getting on board and getting up and running with Notifii Track was literally a breeze. Some advice I’d have for anybody considering Notifii Track would be to think about just upfront costs. Obviously, Notifii Track has very little upfront costs, aside from a few small hardware pieces. Then the ongoing month-to-month contract is just so affordable. Also, think about how you’re currently communicating with your recipients. Are you able to send text messages to them? That was a really big deal for us.” – Dan

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