Wisconsin Management Company

“It’s phenomenal, we have yet to lose a single package. Everything has been 100% accounted for, and that is something that no one else can say without a system like this.”



“Anyone who values not watching their employees sweat over antiquated software will find this worth it.”


Purdue University NW

“Our practices are more efficient and effective and have improved the student mail experience in our community all because of Notifii.”


The McKesson team felt disorganized and inefficient using WASP barcode scanner, and made the switch to Notifii. See why.


Northwood Ravin Apartments

“Our team has less to inventory overnight and can focus more on other things to benefit the residents.”

Menlo College

“More people are shopping online so there are more packages coming in here. And so finding a system to track and monitor and organize our packages was huge.”


Kew Management

“Notifii was easy to implement, the app was easy to add, and all of our contacts were easy to update.”



“I’m a huge fan of Notifii, especially after the experience we’ve had on every front. I love it!”



“The ease and speed that packages are both logged in and delivered to the resident is phenomenal. USC housing can now boast a unique service that offers unparalleled performance to our residents.”