Rent Manager: Is Remote Work the Future of Work for Your Tenants?

By Sam Fangman, Rent Manager

The nature of work is shifting. In a matter of a few weeks, workforces world-wide had to transition from typical office environments to working entirely from home due to COVID-19. While it took some time to form new, productive habits and routines, many office employees fully embraced the transition and would prefer to continue working from home rather than return to the office. This shift in the way we work extends beyond the pandemic, as major tech conglomerates such as Google and Facebook are allowing their employees to work from home for the remainder of 2020, and Twitter recently announced that some employees will have the choice to work from home indefinitely. We’ll likely see other companies follow suit and allow for more fluid work-from-home policies moving forward. 

As the lines of normalcy blurred, new remote workers have been able to strike that difficult balance between work and life, all while maintaining productivity levels, hitting deadlines, and in some cases, educating their children. This process has required managers to be more flexible and communicative with their employees—inspiring a more authentic company culture.

As this trend continues, property managers need to be intentional about creating environments that support their tenants’ ability to work at home. 

Create Coworking Spaces

On-property coworking spaces create a deeper sense of community, as well as a healthy work-from-home balance. Residents can create relationships with neighbors and develop their own workspace. Coworking spaces can also be a money-maker for your business. Property managers featured in a case study conducted by the National Apartment Association (NAA), are leasing coworking spaces for $750 per month, and offer day passes for $25 for anyone interested in testing out the environment.

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High-Speed Internet is a Must

According to a DISH Business Survey reported by Multifamily Executive, 76% of tenants say having community-based internet, TV, and data services is very or extremely important. Working remotely equates to eight to ten hours spent logged on to a device. Having a stable, high-speed internet connection is crucial for your tenants’ success while working in their homes. Offering a community-based data resource ensures your entire property has the same excellent service across the board.

Keep Communication Lines Open

Be sure to check in regularly, going beyond the typical correspondence surrounding maintenance and lease renewals. There are so many communication tools at your fingertips—between email, web chat, and Notifii Connect’s texting capabilities, property managers can communicate with tenants en masse without duplicating efforts. Ask your residents how you can improve common areas, community events, your maintenance processes, and so on—because happy, satisfied tenants are more likely to renew their leases and recommend their friends to your property. 

Notifii’s integration with Rent Manager® property management software makes supporting your tenants needs easier than ever. Rent Manager connects the dots of property management. With its double-entry accounting system, tenant management capabilities, communication tools, service management, and the addition of Notifii’s excellent package management it has everything you need to succeed in this ever-evolving industry.