Notifii Integrates With Slack!

Notifii mailroom package tracking just got one of its most notable upgrades to date: a connection to Slack, the game-changing team messaging app.

As a leading office notification system, Notifii improves the way office mailrooms track packages within the mailroom and let workers know when a package has arrived and how they can claim it.

Now, mailrooms can streamline this process even more by sending notifications directly through Slack — a channel the average user is plugged into for more than 10 hours every workday.

Notifii and Slack: A Logical Duo 

Launched in 2013, Slack has recently started picking up steam in offices and remote teams across industries. The tool is designed to streamline communications between teams, provide clarity, remove confusion, and allow each user to feel aligned with their co-workers.

In many ways, the app’s purpose perfectly mirrors that of Notifii, which is why it just makes sense that the two can work together to become more powerful than the sum of their parts.

Slack now has more than 9 million active weekly users who send more than 1 billion messages through the app. And with the addition of Notifii Track, companies can now provide mailroom package tracking insights in the same channel.

How it Works and Why It’s Important

Notifii Track’s integration with Slack doesn’t look much different than using Notifii Track on its own: once installed, mailroom workers can use Notifii to log incoming packages and send notifications to users via Slack with the same simplicity of sending a text or email. Users can click on their Slack alert for more information about package location and pickup.

The integration process is as simple and streamlined as the platform itself, and companies can get set up and running in minutes.

This integration comes at a time when Slack founder Stewart Butterfield boldly claimed they were on a mission to become the world’s most important software company. “This desire of feeling aligned with your team, of removing confusion, of getting clarity; the desire for support in doing the best work of your life, that’s universal, that’s deeply human,” Butterfield remarked in a video.

To become the best, or at least among the best, Slack recognizes their role in catering to a comprehensive user experience. The tool is designed to improve inter-organizational communication and unify departments and people that may otherwise have no face-to-face interaction.

With the addition of a mailroom package tracking app like Notifii, both Notifii and Slack are better positioned to serve their users with a centralized, consistent experience that works the way they do.

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The Impact on Office Operations

Online ordering isn’t just a consumer trend. Office mailrooms are finding themselves managing a larger package volume each year and are having to get creative about how they accept, store, and distribute them. When office workers don’t realize they have a package waiting for them, mailrooms are receiving more packages than they are handing out, and space quickly becomes an issue.

Notifii provides an optimal solution to improve the way you log, track, and manage packages from day to day. Mailroom workers use Notifii to log packages and alert recipients in seconds rather than minutes so that packages don’t stay in the mailroom any longer than they need to.

Notifii’s features also provide security by ensuring package details are logged and given only to the designated recipient. It’s a safer, more secure way to manage packages in the workplace, and can prevent bottlenecks caused by missed notifications and untimely pickups.

The platform is already leaving a lasting mark on the modern mailroom, and the new integration with Slack only improves the process.

More than 600,000 organizations are already using the Slack messaging app to improve communication in the workplace. In addition, 87% of its users agree that the tool has improved the communication and collaboration within the organization, and will be more likely to stay connected to it as a result.

By combining the game-changing features of Notifii Track with the prevalence of Slack, companies have a clear, direct path to connect with team members when their important packages arrive so they can keep going with business as usual.

Have You Tried Notifii Track with Slack?

The Slack integration is one of the many features included in Notifii Track, and you can take the full suite for a test drive. Try Notifii Track free for 14 days or click here to schedule a one-on-one demo to get the full product tour and see how our mailroom package tracking system can contribute to a better workplace experience!