Text Message Marketing By the Numbers

As businesses look to boost their reach on customers, SMS marketing is increasingly becoming an integral part of multi-channel marketing. Notably, more people use mobile devices for everyday communication, which means they always have their phones within reach. So, how does this factor make SMS marketing a viable means of reaching your customers? 

Statistically, SMS has an open rate of 95 percent, and 98 percent of messages are read by the receivers. Moreover, 75 percent of customers prefer automated messages to voice communications since they receive information promptly and with less invasion. In addition to the fact that they are instantaneous and personal, there is no doubt that SMS marketing can be a huge opportunity to reach and engage your target customers. 

While here, it is worth noting that for SMS marketing to give the best results, you have to do it right. Keep in mind that too much texting, poor timing, and poor drafting of messages can lead to customers opting out of your SMS marketing. 

That said, read on to see the benefits of using an SMS marketing tool to increase your business reach as well as strategies you should integrate to achieve a high ROI:  

Benefits of SMS Marketing

High Open Rate  

Compared to other advertising options like emails, SMS has a high open rate, making it the favorite option for reaching customers. Essentially, every message sent will be opened, whereas, in comparison, only a tiny fraction of emails sent will be read. The prevalence of mobile phones has significantly helped make SMS marketing an effective form of communicating with customers. 

In some cases, messages are opened automatically, meaning the receiver will have to read them. With such high chances of a message being read, it is only wise to integrate SMS marketing into your marketing strategy. 

Reach a Wide Demographic

Mobile devices are quite prevalent, and most people own at least one. As such, you have an opportunity to target a broader demographic, as long they have a mobile and are able to receive texts. Comparatively, most marketing channels tend to focus on one demographic. This means they must be used in collaboration with other channels to be successful. 

With more exposure, you become part of your target customers’ world. This translates to more purchase of products and services, and accordingly, a high return on investment. 

Can Support and Integrate with Other Channels

SMS marketing can yield even better results when used alongside other marketing methods. Ideally, it can be helpful in reinforcing and supporting other marketing mediums such as websites and social media. For instance, you can use SMS to remind customers to check a new product on your website or send follow-up messages about the information you had communicated earlier. 

For example, SMS has been proved to increase email open rates by 20-30 percent. This makes them effective in supporting your marketing efforts. 

Increased Customer Engagement

No doubt, SMS marketing can help you communicate and engage with customers directly and more effectively. Being in direct contact with customers makes them feel that your business is accessible and that they can reach you whenever they need your services. In other words, it is an excellent way to keep your business in their mind. 

Note that to engage productively with customers, you need to consider the messages you send; for instance, avoid long texts that could rather be sent through emails. The goal here is to communicate and engage, not to turn off your audience. 

Ability to Monitor, Track, and Improve 

Integrating an SMS marketing tool in your marketing strategies enables you to track meaningful ROI, monitor delivery rates, as well as identify customers who are interested in your business. With these analytics, your business can create effective targeted campaigns and improve the efficiency of your SMS marketing strategies. 

In addition to saving money and increasing ROI, tracking and monitoring your SMS marketing reach allows you to profile and segment out numbers that engage the least, and consequently target them through other channels like email.

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Customers Can Opt-In and Out

Giving your customers an option to opt-in or out is sure to make them feel more comfortable engaging with your business. Moreover, seeing how many customers opt-in and out can be useful in gauging how they engage with your business. You can use the information to determine the best marketing channel to use for different types of customers. 

Note that sending messages to uninterested customers could see you lose them altogether. Let them choose if they want to engage so you can be able to decide the best way to reach them, depending on their reactions. 

Flexible and Customizable

SMS marketing is one of the most flexible marketing tools you can have as part of your marketing strategy. Essentially, you can match it with different objectives to achieve your business goals. For instance, you can use SMS to announce sales, reward loyal customers, promote a new product, give discounts, share news, and the list goes on. With such flexibility and customizability, you have quite an efficient marketing weapon in SMS. 

Strategies to Get You Started

Like any other medium of marketing, SMS marketing can only give positive results if used well. See below how you can make your SMS marketing efforts successful: 

Have a clear call to action (CTA) – A CTA works to tell your customers what you want them to do next. A good example is telling them to register for the week’s special event. This prompts them to act on your messages. 

Send messages at the right time – Timing is everything in SMS marketing. Here, avoid sending messages when people are busy, say during work hours. Choose a time when they are relaxed and likely to have time to check their phones. 

Use the right engagement method for the right audience – Your messages should be engaging and should prompt the targeted reader to read and respond. 

Use personalization – Adjust the content of your messages to suit your target audience; this should include checking your language and presentation of messages. 

Keep in touch – Sending follow-up messages and being consistent and reliable can help keep customers engaged while ensuring your messages don’t end up in the spam box. 

Ask questions and conduct surveys – Polls can help you learn more about your customers. You can use the information gathered to customize messages and decide the best way to sell your products and services. 

Common SMS Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Here are a few mistakes marketers make and that you should avoid: 

  • Sending too many messages
  • Sending links that are not optimized for mobile devices
  • Using inappropriate language
  • Failure to obtain an opt-in from customers
  • SMS message without a marketing strategy


Indeed, SMS marketing is indispensable in marketing, thanks to its high efficiency, versatility, and ability to give significant ROI. For these reasons, incorporating an SMS marketing tool in your marketing strategy can be what your business needs to achieve the results you desire. 

Are you looking to boost sales through SMS marketing? Notifii Connect comes with features that help you send automated messages, allow instant messaging, and support seamless integration. Contact us to learn how you can integrate this tool into your marketing strategy to realize more engagement and sales.

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