Package Tracking: Stand Alone Software or Add-On App

As you’re exploring options for a package tracking software solution for your property, one of the questions you’ll have to answer is whether to choose a specialty solution or one that’s “an add-on” to an existing software. The difference between the two is more than a cost consideration and can actually have a lot to do with the experience you’re able to provide to your customers.

Here’s an in-depth comparison of specialty vs. add-on package tracking software so you can make an informed decision for your unique application.

Specialty Software vs. Add-On: What’s the Difference?

Add-on package logging software is something that is usually offered to you as a convenient perk (or something to sweeten the deal) that is an extension to a software or CRM you’re already using. It’s generic, has limited user experience, no customization options, and overall is not a comprehensive solution built for all the use cases that may arise for the job function it’s claiming to execute, package logging, tracking and management.

By stark contrast, specialty package tracking software is tailored to the exact pain point and use case you are looking to relieve. It also offers customization options that make it the ideal option when you want to offer a more personalized experience for your residents as well as a user-friendly experience for your staff.

The Benefits of Going with Specialty

Specialty package tracking software is typically seen as the superior option. It’s designed to match your business needs and can better solve problems than one that’s just thrown on to an existing CRM to quickly fill a gap in product offering.

You have greater control over how it looks and functions, such as how it’s branded or what your end users experience. With specialty package tracking software, you can adapt it to the way you work, not the other way around. This can significantly increase the user-friendliness, and the personal experience you give your residents.

In addition, having a specialty package tracking software can create a better image of your company to its users. For example, users who receive branded notifications from your package logging app may feel your company is successful and cares about their experience.

The Downsides of an Add-On Solution

The benefits of a specialty package logging app solution are largely absent in an add-on software. Rigid workflows and processes of an off-the-shelf version can be difficult to implement and can restrict what you’re able to accomplish. You’re forced to change the way you work to accommodate the requirements of the software. You might be unable to address some of your key business challenges, which may require additional integrations or manual workflows to fill the gaps.

In addition, these downsides can rack up major costs that you may not have initially considered. Between training and rolling out the software, dealing with inefficiencies, and addressing the additional problems the software creates, you will find it difficult to see an ROI.

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What’s the Cost Difference?

Part of addressing business needs means addressing budget challenges, which is why cost must come into the equation at some point. Typically, specialty package logging solutions tend to cost a little more than an off-the-shelf version. However, the value a specialty package tracking software brings can help to offset the difference in price.

Think about it: if someone were to give you free off-the-shelf software that didn’t address your needs, support your goals, or function the way you want, it’s essentially worthless. At this point, the free price can’t outweigh its lack of performance.

Property management software programs that offer package tracking as a feature are typically bare minimum products that don’t have the depth or capacity to perform well. It’s the equivalent to “free software” that is essentially worthless at any price because it doesn’t give you the functionality you need.

By comparison, when you have a specialty package logging software that works the way you need it to and helps you achieve business objectives, it makes sense to pay a little more for it, especially if using it will help to offset costs elsewhere.

For Package Tracking Software, Nothing Compares to Notifii Track

This comparison of add-on versus specialty software isn’t unique to package tracking software, but it’s important to consider every aspect prior to making a selection. Many property management platforms will offer a watered down version of a package logging app to build more value in their product, but it doesn’t compare to what Notifii Track can do to help you streamline your mailroom operations.

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