Tech Trends Facility Managers Need to Pay Attention To

As a rule, technology is designed to solve problems and make our lives easier. In our current digital age, there isn’t a single industry that hasn’t somehow been touched or transformed by new advancements, particularly when it comes to facility management. Building managers should take note of new solutions available to them to help streamline operations, improve efficiencies, and create a better experience for the people you serve.

Take a look at some of the top tech trends in facility management that are proving to be game-changing for building managers:

Better Mailroom Management with Package Tracking Software

Online shopping is driving a mailroom revolution and facility managers should take note. As mailrooms are dealing with more packages per day than ever before, they need a better way to log, manage, store, and distribute packages at scale.

Mailroom management technology is one of the latest trends in facility management, providing time- and cost-saving opportunities for building owners and a desirable amenity for tenants. Solutions like Notifii Track package tracking software can help to streamline the entire package management process from end to end. Here’s how it works:

As packages come into the mailroom, workers can use Notifii to scan each package and automatically notify recipients. The software tracks the package allows for detailed package logging info, including parcel photos, so the issue of liability becomes obsolete. And since recipients get an automatic update, they can retrieve their packages faster to make more space in the mailroom.

With faster package turnaround, space becomes less of an issue. In addition, mailrooms assume less liability when receiving packages on behalf of its employees.

Facility Maintenance Software

Many facility owners or managers are turning to software to replace confusing spreadsheets and manual processes.

As a result, facilities no longer have to rely on outdated processes or the expertise they’ve gained over the years, which allows new employees to easily step into roles and hit the ground running. All the data and information they collect goes into the software, so when one facility manager leaves and another comes in, they have all the information they need to do the job right.

Adding the element of automation can further streamline maintenance activities. Assigning work orders based on job title, expertise, and location is one of the biggest opportunities to deploy automated maintenance solutions.

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Internet of Things (IoT) in Facility Management

The Internet of Things refers to the collection of devices connected to the internet that allows them to function together. In building management, things like sensors, thermostats, cameras, and actuators can collect data regarding building activities and help facility managers find ways to optimize operations.

For example, you can use the IoT to monitor energy usage, identify peak times, and create schedules to reduce energy usage when facilities aren’t in use.

Though not exactly new in building management, IoT devices and solutions are continually evolving. Facility managers should keep their finger on the pulse of new advancements to see which ones are worth implementing that can make a noticeable difference in operations.

Remote HVAC Management

The HVAC system is one of the most expensive for facilities, both in terms of running it and maintaining it. Facility managers are continually looking for ways to reduce costs associated with HVAC, along with reducing its environmental impact.

One growing solution is monitoring HVAC systems remotely and automating system activities. HVAC technicians can receive instant updates when something isn’t working properly, which allows them to resolve the problem quickly and potentially avoid running up an expensive energy bill.

In addition, HVAC monitoring and management can integrate with facility management software to create a more comprehensive view of facility activities.

Intelligent Monitoring

With IoT technology, building managers can gain a better sense of what’s happening in a building at all times. The IoT enables real-time data monitoring that can send information directly to your facility management software. For example, sensors can provide information about energy usage and cut energy sources to areas that aren’t currently in use. This ensures you can run your building at peak efficiency at all times without having to guess or be on site.

Final Thoughts

From mailroom management to real-time monitoring, facilities have a wealth of opportunities to improve the way they do business. The first step is to become aware of the many options available, then decide which ones will add the greatest impact to your bottom line and the overall experience for the people you serve.