The Best Way For Property Managers to Use Automated Text Messages

So you’ve implemented a text messaging tool – great! You just took an important step in modernizing your resident communication. After all, text messaging has grown in popularity as a tool for property managers in recent years. It’s no surprise – 90% of new customers would rather receive a text message than a phone call. How are you adapting to these changes in the market?

Now that you have it  – how do you get the most out of your text messaging tool? 

Easy – You let the tool do the work for you.

An automated text message and auto response text are powerful tools for property managers that save your team time, improve your resident engagement, and are often easy to configure. 

Improve your resident communications strategy with these best practices in mind!

Spend less time reminding your residents about their upcoming lease renewal.

Quite often, property managers send out communications on a regular cadence, such as renewal notices, rent due dates, and birthday wishes. The use of date-triggered automated messages takes a significant amount of time off your team’s plate. Simply set the terms of your automation (date, message, recipients) and let the tool do what it does best – send the message.

+Bonus points when you integrate your communications tool to a resident management software like Yardi or Realpage.

This way – you never have to worry about using outdated information! 

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Don’t lose time trying to resend messages to those who haven’t opened them.

It’s likely your communication tool has a feature that allows you to enable an automatic resend of email messages that your resident hasn’t opened. For instance, let’s say you send out a message to a resident who is late on rent. Tools like Notifii Connect will allow you to resend those messages to anyone who hasn’t opened your email yet. No need for you to chase them down and take more time out of your day for rent collections.

Let your platform answer frequently asked questions

Questions about unit pricing, construction going on in the neighborhood, property policies, and more can be addressed by a series of “Text Auto Responses” so your team doesn’t need to take time out of their day answering the same questions over and over.

Need a tool that can do it all?

Notifii Connect is a powerful centralized communications hub for automated mass SMS text messaging and email to deliver community-wide messages for multifamily properties, student housing communities and HOAs. 

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