Text Message Best Practices For Property Managers: Sales & Marketing

Picture this – a prospective resident enters your leasing office and would like to tour your property. You spend an hour or so highlighting your key amenities and they seem blown away, but indicate that they are still shopping around and have two more tours after seeing your property. 

While they are excited about the property, the security deposit is a bit high and they begin discussing the other properties more than yours until your team sends out a text informing them that you’re running a promotion – $300 off your security deposit if you sign your lease within the next week. They call the very next day to sign up.

That is the power of text message marketing. The ability to reach your audience and have them read your message 90% of the time within minutes of sending your message out. 

With that in mind, the Notifii team put together some prospective resident text messaging strategies for property managers.

Segmented Marketing

Utilize tools like Notifii Connect’s Dynamic Grouping that allows you to break out residents and leads into groups – based on what type of unit they are looking for/ have, move-in dates, and more to send more personalized, relevant content to each lead!

Segmenting communications can lead to 15% or more engagement than a general communication! This practice encourages efficiency in messaging.

Breakdown Walls With Dynamic Placeholders

Using information specific to your recipient breaks down walls. Keep the personal touch and remind your future residents of information specific to them that impact their decision. A great example of this is sending a text message about a rental quote. “Hi [Name], it was great seeing you today! Just a reminder, [unit #]’s monthly rent is [quote]. This quote is valid until [expiration date]. Hope to hear from you soon!” On the recipients’ end – this looks like

“Hi Anne, it was great seeing you today! Just a reminder, unit 1023’s monthly rent is $1,650. This quote is valid until 5/31/2020. Hope to hear from you soon!”

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Using these tags saves your team time and ensures all your leads experience a 1-on-1 communication experience.

Build your SMS Marketing Strategy with Notifii

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