How to: Optimize Operations with Text Messaging

The day-to-day experience of an onsite property manager is largely composed of coordinating staff and delegating tasks. It requires connecting residents to the maintenance team, answering common questions, driving new rental agreements, and collecting payments. Using a text app for property managers can help manage the large volume of inbound calls regarding questions and requests.

Here are a few examples of how text messaging for property managers can be used to optimize your day to day operations.

Keep a record of delinquency/lack of engagement from your residents by saving your communications

When reaching out to delinquent residents, it’s crucial to have a record of each attempt to get in contact. Your SMS software likely allows you to pull reports of how often you’ve reached out and if your resident has responded or opened your message. 

This enables your team to set up a process or checklist of communications methods to collect on late rent. 

Log in to your tool, see how many messages were sent – 4? 5? 10? If it meets the threshold that leadership has sent, give your resident a call and see if you can visit the property and discuss why they haven’t been responding.

Collect maintenance orders through text message

If your residents need to get in touch with you as soon as possible about a maintenance order but you can’t answer the phone – texting provides your residents the opportunity to send in a message immediately.

+Bonus points for setting up automated text messages triggered by specific maintenance requests. A great example is sending the number for emergency maintenance when someone texts in a request for help with flooding. Instant assistance and your team didn’t need to facilitate it!

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Keep residents up to date on major changes and cut down the time you spend answering questions.

In the same way, you manage maintenance requests and questions – handle community announcements. For instance, if an amenity is being closed for a week for renovations – you can send out an all-encompassing message to your residents. 

You can utilize an auto-responding text message tool to respond to any questions about that amenity with an FAQ link so your team does not need to actively respond to each and every message.

Build your resident communications strategy with Notifii 

Notifii Connect is a cloud-based platform designed to make resident communications seamless and easy. Segment your contact lists, pull reports, and send personalized bulk text messages in seconds on the Notifii platform.

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