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Texting as a Tool for Multifamily Communication


I t’s impossible to keep every single resident in your community forever. Jobs change, financial situations change, family sizes and needs change. Noisy neighbors might move in and make others flee to quieter places. These things are out of your control and will always affect your retention in your community.

But what about the things you can control that can make residents want to stay?

One of the single most important aspects you can focus on is providing a top-notch resident experience, starting with how you communicate. It’s a simple gesture that can have a huge impact on how residents feel about your community - and when done correctly, it can be enough to give your community a competitive advantage.

Two Way Communication is Always a Plus

Communication between residents and the property should never be one-sided. Rather, two-way communication is critical to building a sense of community that makes each resident feel at home.

Unfortunately, two-way communication isn’t the norm when it comes to multifamily communities.

Traditionally, property managers who need to get in touch with residents will print notices to place on doors or try to visit the resident in person. When residents aren’t available, managers are forced to either try again later, make a phone call, or find some other means to connect with their residents. This back and forth can go on for days, especially if the resident isn’t usually available during the manager’s office hours.

In addition, communicating via notices on doors and bulletin boards helps to spread the message, but does nothing to collect feedback. There’s no way for managers to verify the message has been received and no easy way for residents to comment or ask questions.

Simply put, two-way communication in many communities is still lacking. The goods news is that technology may be putting an end to two-way communication issues while also helping to improve resident retention.

The Benefits from a Marketing Perspective

Many multifamily communities are turning to text messaging platforms and other technology to encourage two-way conversation and engagement.

This gives residents an easy way to reach out to community managers when issues arise, plus it helps managers stay connected with residents to provide a better living experience.

From a marketing perspective, residential texting platforms make good business sense. Take a look at some of the top benefits communities are experiencing with text-based technology:

Renters Love Convenience

Most people prefer to send a text than make a phone call, and that’s also true for the residents in your community. Offering a text messaging platform for your renters can help to streamline communication and let them connect with you on their schedule.

For example, if there’s a water leak or loose door hinge, they can send a quick text instead of waiting for office hours to submit their findings.

As an added benefit, this gives property managers a chance to hear concerns, questions, and ideas directly from tenants that may be able to help you improve the resident experience. Residents who can quickly and easily share feedback will do so more often, giving you greater insight into their experience while living in the community.

When you can save your resident's time and make communication easy, you automatically add value to their lives. And that value can go a long way in ensuring you have happy residents who want to renew their leases!

Attract New Renters

Offering modern technology as an amenity can help attract new renters to your community, especially as more Gen Z-ers reach adulthood and move out on their own.

Convenience-based amenities like texting gives your community a competitive advantage in the marketplace. When potential renters are comparing properties, having more conveniences can help to tip the scales in your favor while also helping to build loyalty. Offering a way for your residents to feel valued and in-the-know can be a huge deciding factor.

Automate Lead Generation 

You can use your texting platform in your marketing to attract new renters and start their experience on a high note. For example, you might include a number on your website or a billboard for potential renters to text for more information. You can then automatically send information to them immediately and make a strong first impression. This also helps free up your team's time when marketing to prospective tenants and provides a consistent experience no matter who is in the office!

How to Improve Your Community's Communication Strategy

The only way you can create a better community is by focusing on the elements you can control. You may have no say over rent increases or renters moving to a new city, but you can focus on smaller details like communication that can translate into big opportunities for your community - both in resident retention and lead generation.

Notifii works with apartment communities, student housing, and multifamily residences to bring two-way communication to the spotlight. To see what our Notifii Connect texting platform looks like in action, schedule your free demo today and see how the power of convenience and service can improve your communication strategy!