The Most Out of the Ordinary Scenarios for Tracking Software

At Notifii, we’ve grown our reputation by helping universities, apartment communities, and corporations implement our mailroom management software. But we’ve discovered that other businesses and industries can also benefit from streamlining and simplifying their package tracking.

As 2019 draws to a close, we look back on a year that has been filled with creativity and pushes the boundaries of what our package tracking software can do and who we can help. Take a look at some of the types of businesses that have joined the Notifii family this year and how they’ve implemented better mailroom management practices as a result:

Sports Teams

Big name sports teams like the Detroit Lions, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Toronto Blue Jays are using Notifii Track to better manage incoming packages.

The Detroit Lions took our software a step further and implemented it to better manage leased out office spaces. Because different departments or entities within the building are on different mailstops, Notifii has helped to cut down on confusion when tracking packages in the building.

According to Dea Jones, Administrative Assistant for Florida Operations Toronto Blue Jays, the reporting feature has been a game changer for their office. “This software is very nice! I use this software daily to keep track of all packages coming into the company. It is extremely easy to use and I have had no problems with checking in or checking out packages. The reports are easy to use and the staff of Notifii are wonderful to work with. They are friendly, helpful and always quick in responding to any emails sent.”

ER Urgent Care

Medical facilities and hospitals have partnered with Notifii to improve the way they transport deliveries from building to building. Because medical campuses can consist of multiple buildings, these organizations need an easy way to track the progress of each delivery, including the person who is responsible for transport.

With Notifii, medical facilities are using our software to track personal drop-offs from one building to another. These deliveries consist of everything from paperwork to specimens to supplies and beyond, all of which are scanned and logged in the Notifii Track software like a package and can be tracked as they make their way to the appropriate destination.

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One of the more interesting use cases we’ve discovered with Notifii is how morgues can leverage our tracking software to transport cadavers. Using our existing infrastructure, morgues use the package log in feature for intake, then deliver the cadaver to its final location, such as a funeral home or crematorium. Upon delivery, the morgue uses the log out feature to complete the transfer.

This system not only creates better organization and accountability for the morgue, but can also give family members peace of mind regarding the transport.


This year, The National WWII Museum partnered with us to create a better way to track and manage their priceless exhibits and displays. Their “packages” consist mainly of historic artifacts, valuable artwork, and other prized items that require the utmost care and attention to detail.

Being able to track the movement and transport of each item within the museum adds a greater level of accountability and allows the museum director and curators to display and store their pieces with confidence.


Manufacturers for military vehicles and equipment are also finding favor with Notifii, but not quite in the traditional sense. Oshkosh is a private development that manufactures war vehicles. They have a campus of more than 3,000 people and multiple departments.

They decided to get creative and use Notifii to track the movement of parts, cars, and mechanics that travel from department to department instead of tracking packages. The process is similar to that of package tracking and uses the same software infrastructure, which has saved them time and money compared to developing their own system from scratch.

How Will You Use Notifii?

There’s more than one way to use Notifii package tracking software, and we’re continuing to work with companies to implement our infrastructure for outside the box solutions to tough business challenges.

How can you use Notifii in your organization? Contact our team today for a consultation and discover new possibilities that can keep you connected and organized.