The Online Shopping Experience is Personal — The Way You Connect Should Be, Too

For years, brands have busied themselves with creating a personalized experience for their online shoppers, and so far, it’s working in their favor. Studies show that 79% of consumers will only engage with personalized offers, and marketers see a 20% sales increase when using customized experiences. It’s proving to be a powerful tactic that shows you know your customers, you understand their needs, and are willing to go the extra mile to earn and retain their business.

Is it time for residential communities to follow the same path?

We’re living in a time where online shopping is more personalized than the places many people call home, but that’s poised to change. Technology is bringing much-needed customization to residential communities and apartment buildings, providing a way to build deeper, stronger connections and become more than just a place for residents to rest their heads.

But what does it take to create a personalized experience for your residents?

For many communities, it’s all in the fine details. For example, Notifii Track allows you to customize the way you alert residents when a package arrives. It serves as an extension of your brand so you can provide the experience your residents expect from you.

Everyone defines value differently, and unless you can get inside the mind of each resident, it can be difficult to know exactly what each person wants and expects from their living environment.

But one thing remains certain: residents are more likely to stay if their needs are being met, and small details like how you communicate can add up to a major impact.

Exploring Notifii’s Package Logging App Customization Features

Notifii’s package logging app has been popping up in residential mailrooms and receiving areas all over the country, and its customization features have a lot to do with its success.

Notifii Track templates are fully customizable, giving you the final say over how they look when your residents receive them. For example, you can include important information, such as stating “package delivered to mailroom” or including open pickup times, pickup location, instructions such as bringing an ID, or even contact information for an after-hours pickup. You can also brand your templates so they look like they’re coming directly from you, not an outside vendor.

Once you create your template, you can save it and decide how and when to use it. You’ll also be able to update your templates whenever the need arises and reuse them as often as you like.

In addition, you also have greater control over how you log packages when they arrive. Your process is unique to you, so you can establish your own workflows that fit with your current check-in processes and don’t have to reinvent the wheel to achieve greater efficiency.

If you’re like most communities, you’ve experienced the rise in online shopping firsthand. The number of packages being shipped is growing, with UPS alone handling more than 15.8 million packages every day. The number of parcels for residents that end up in your office is likely increasing too, creating a greater need to organize them, save space, and alert residents as soon as possible.

By using a package logging app that works the way you do, you can increase the efficiency of packaging receiving and distribution while personalizing the process for your residents. They get a consistent notification every time, know exactly what to do to retrieve their package, and get a dose of your brand every time.

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The Power of Personalization

Personalization can take a multitude of forms in a housing community, but Amenify CEO Everett Lynn mentions that many housing communities go about it the wrong way. “If you partner with an outside company or brand [e.g. a dog walking service], in theory you have solved a problem for the resident,” he said. “But you have created a relationship between the resident and the partner brand and have removed yours. Provide those sticky lifestyle services under the brand of your property.”

In other words, personalization requires you to invest in the connection between your brand and the residents you serve. Here’s how Notifii Track checks every box when it comes to custom experiences:

Messages Made for Them

Every Notifii Track message they get from you is designed for them. It’s not some cheesy en masse marketing message they’ll be likely to delete without reading. It holds value because the package it’s attached to holds value. And since you can customize it to fit your community, you’re earning brand impressions with every message.

Better Relationships with Residents

Your residents depend on you to receive and secure their packages (and in many cases, they have no other choice!). By showing you’re invested in what that process looks and functions like, you can strengthen your relationships with each tenant every time you hand over a package. They’ll trust you won’t keep them waiting when a package arrives and that you’re able to keep an eye on their parcels until they can come pick them up.

Business Credibility Boost

When residents are happy with the service you provide them, it’s hard for it not to reflect well on your business. Your customer service is the face of your community, and satisfied tenants won’t hesitate to recommend you to others.

Personalize the Residential Experience with Notifii!

What are you doing to create personalized experiences in your community? See Notifii Track in action and discover how a package logging app can simplify the way you work and make you look good in the process!