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The power of texting — instant communication anytime, anywhere


The power of texting — instant communication anytime, anywhere

U ndoubtedly, mobile devices have become the go-to for all our communication needs. A study conducted by Pew Research Center showed that 85% of the global population own a mobile phone, 97% send a text at least once a day, and those who’ve received a text open it 98% of the time.

With statistics like that, it’s obvious that establishing a one-on-one texting relationship with residents has become one of the most reliable ways to increase an apartment community’s retention rate as well as a surefire way to keep the community informed and updated. Texting is simple, streamlined, and part of resident’s everyday lives.

With texting, usage and adoption doesn’t appear to be an issue. Instead, the new challenge is now about flexibility and monitoring.

  • Can you send to large groups of people in specific buildings AND single residents, easily?
  • Have your residents opened and read your messages?
  • During emergency situations such as power outages or gas leaks, can you deploy messages that you know are delivered and read fast?
  • Are you able to expedite the process for how messages are sent and received?

These are key considerations as you harness the power of texting more and more with your residents.

With our text and email notification platform, Notifii Connect, we took a step back to make sure that each of these questions (and a whole lot more) were answered and addressed. Our Connect platform harnesses the power of messaging so you can easily send out all of your important communications (individually or as a group) and also see detailed analytics about who has received and opened those messages. And in critical moments, you can rest assured that your messages are delivered immediately along with critical information that grab their attention regardless of what time it is or where they are.

Selecting the right communication platform for your community comes with a lot of questions like those asked above. If you’d like expert-level answers, feel free to contact us and we can walk you through how it works and how you can quickly harness the power of notification and correspondence for your community today.

Visit us at or give us a call at (888) 506-8536 and one of our experts will be happy to get the conversation started.