The Power of Texting in Times of Urgency – For Student Housing and Multifamily Communities

As more Americans cut the landline for good, smartphones and other mobile devices are being increasingly relied upon for communication.

The benefits are hard to ignore: communication is instant and ever-present. More than 90% of American adults own a mobile device. And it’s one of the most effective forms of communication, with text messages boasting a 99% open rate (94% of which are opened within five minutes!).

Housing managers and landlords are one of the biggest industries that can benefit from a community-wide texting program, especially in urgent moments.

Let’s look at four of the core benefits that are bringing texting for residential communities into the foreground:

Encourage Two-Way Conversation

Communication should never be a one-way street. Rather, texting for residential communities allows you to receive direct feedback from your residents.

Texting allows you to send communications at a moment’s notice at scale. It also provides you real-time feedback from your residents so you can take action sooner, increasing your resident’s satisfaction and allowing your team to get feedback and react swiftly and appropriately.

Property managers have an opportunity to prove their responsiveness and earn the trust of their residents. It’s an easy way to build relationships with your community, understand their needs and expectations, and show them you have their best interest in mind.

Texting with Notifii Connect allows you to receive communication from residents, a crucial feature in case users have questions or concerns. Managers can use this feedback to improve future communications by knowing what information residents are most likely to need.

Communicate Time-Sensitive Information

When there’s a power outage or flooding in your community, how do you let residents know? Time-sensitive circumstances need a quick and easy means of communication so residents can prepare accordingly, and texting provides a highly desirable option.

Traditionally, most property managers rely on physically placing notices on doors. Not only is this time-consuming, it’s also expensive, especially when you consider the printing costs and the man-hours required to notify each residence individually.

Urgent communications are far easier with texting. Time-sensitive information like a disruption to water service can be distributed at scale with no printing and materials and very little manual involvement. Even tenants who don’t own smartphones can still receive and reply to SMS text messages, and according to a recent study, users are 6-8 times more likely to take action from a text message than from an email.

Hands down, texting offers a convenient (and preferable) mode of communication for those on the go who you might otherwise not see during your office hours.

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Grow Your Competitive Advantages

Aside from providing urgent communications, a texting program can also help you to grow and retain your tenant base.

Residents today now want virtual amenities, including text-based communications. They want an easy way to get in touch about work orders, lease information, power outages, or other information that affects the way they live. Embracing a texting platform for your residents can help you stand out over other communities that aren’t as tech-savvy.

In fact, some property managers state that their resident retention has increased since implementing a text communication platform.

For example, a property management company in Florida mentions that they receive more feedback and engagement from their tenants. Residents inform them of issues they otherwise wouldn’t have known about. Texting has also reduced their payroll and printing costs because of texting’s economical and environmentally friendly attributes.

When it comes to housing, it’s not enough to compete solely on price. Property owners and campus residence halls must also be able to provide value to their residents’ daily lives. This not only helps you fill empty units, but also provides an incentive for residents to stay.

Adapting Technology to the Way We Live

Technology has become an inherent part of daily lives, regardless of jobs, income, or lifestyle. This reliance on technology will only continue in the coming years and finding ways to embrace it and integrate now will only prove to be helpful in the future.

It’s not a matter of whether a community-wide texting program is feasible or beneficial. It’s a matter of how you can use it to foster positive change in the way people live.

Could texting for residential communities bring better value to your residents? Schedule a demo to see how Notifii Connect can help enrich the lives of communities and their tenants! If you’d like to learn more about our community messaging platform—Notifii Connect—visit us at or give us a call at (888) 506-8536 and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions.