3 Tech Tools Every Property Manager Needs to Save Time and Manage Assets (that you didn’t know about!)

When you’re a property manager, being a jack of all trades is a non-negotiable. You’re constantly juggling marketing and tenant satisfaction with scheduled maintenance and security, all while focusing on bottom line profitability. Clearly, it’s not a job for the weak.

As technology and automation continue to improve the way we work and communicate, it’s essential for property managers to embrace new ways of doing things that will ultimately make your job easier. Here’s a quick look at three of the top secret weapons elite property managers are using to streamline their roles on a daily basis:

Notifii Package Tracking Software

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the influx of resident packages, you’ll be glad to know there’s help. Notifii package tracking software is designed to improve the way you track, log, and manage incoming packages while providing a better experience to your residents.

When packages arrive, use the package logging app to scan each one and notify residents immediately. You can use the software to track the package’s location in your office so you don’t have them stashed all around your lobby and leave them vulnerable to theft. And with the instant notification, residents can come to retrieve their packages sooner and free up valuable storage space.

Click here to see Notifii package tracking software in action — it’s game-changing!


From handling the books to maintaining the property, landlords have a lot of questions about how to run a successful business. Landlord.com provides a central resource for property managers to find the answers to their toughest challenges and get ongoing education about the industry.

Topics include:

● Filling vacancies
● How to collect rent
● Scheduling maintenance and repairs
● Managing multifamily buildings
● Evicting a tenant
● Filing taxes
● Screening tenants
● Handling security deposits
● And more!

In addition, the site is filled with forms and templates you can download and tweak to use as your own. They’re truly taken much of the guesswork out of the equation and make it easy for new and seasoned property managers alike to do a job well done.

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Getrented.org is a great way to improve your landlord prowess in marketing, inspections, and taxes. Offered by the non-profit organization Lutheran Social Services, the affordable online education portal lets you learn on your schedule at your pace so you can avoid having to attend classes in person.

The courses cover valuable information that can help you attract and screen tenants, what to include in your lease agreement, what to expect with inspections, information about housing vouchers, and tons of other topics. Each course is taught by industry professionals with real property management experience, and courses are updated with the most recent information in the industry.

At the end of the 90-minute training, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that you can proudly display in your rental office.

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