Mailroom Package Tracking Software
for Businesses and Corporate Buildings

Reduce the time it takes to log packages and notify employees from minutes down to seconds with Notifii Track, the industry’s best package tracking software and notification system specifically created for offices and corporate mailroom. Our cloud-based solution makes it easy for anyone on your staff to manage all aspects of package tracking from arrival to pick-up, employee notifications, and everything in between.


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How Notifii Track Package Tracking Software Works

Key benefits

Save time
Staff will spend 75% less time dealing with packages. The logging process is reduced from minutes to seconds per package.
Increase accuracy and accountability
Accurately log all packages (tracking number, recipient name, date and time received/picked up, pickup signature, as well as upload parcel delivery pictures) for real accountability.
Accelerate pickup times
With our package delivery system that notifies employees immediately, over 60% of packages are picked up within one day.
Increase employee satisfaction
The web based package tracking software allows you to login anywhere, anytime, getting your notifications to your employees as soon as possible. Residents love the email/text notifications and package accountability.
Fast and easy setup
Our web based package tracking software is simple and easy to implement. Get set up and become operational in just one day. The package tracking software is so easy to use, staff training literally takes five minutes.

With the best package tracking software you will reduce the time it takes to log packages and notify residents from minutes down to seconds.


Key features

Cloud-based software

Notifii Track can be accessed from a desktop browser or mobile app. Notifii handles all the information storage which means you don’t have to back up data locally and you can have multiple users logged into separate devices all communicating with each other in real-time.

Detailed package information

Notifii Track gives you the ability to take pictures, flag damaged packages, and attach custom notes to the record which allows for the highest level of accountability and accuracy in your package management.

Automatic notifications

Notifii Track automatically sends email and text notifications based on actions taken in the program, such as logging in a package. These notifications are highly customizable and can automatically populate information such as the tracking number, employee name, or pictures that were taken at the time of log in.

Searchable history & reports

Find package information instantly by searching for name, tracking number, or unit number, and watch your data be curated into organized reports such as pending packages, monthly totals, and much more.

“We couldn't be happier with Notifii. Having all delivery information close at hand is great, and the automatic email notification makes life easy.”

Thom Q.
Vera Bradley

Notifii Track Corporate Facility Pricing


All pricing includes: unlimited use of all Notifii Track features and tools, initial account setup and online training, and continuous dedicated customer support. For pricing on larger organizations, please contact us.

up to 500 employees

$79/ mo

up to 1,000 employees

$119/ mo

up to 2,000 employees

$179/ mo

up to 3,000 employees

$239/ mo

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