Apartment Package Room: 10 Signs That it Needs Systems Upgrading

It is surprising that, in the 21st century, several apartment property managers still handle resident packages in the “orthodox” way of a paper and clipboard. That’s so inconvenient and time-consuming, especially if your apartment residents usually receive lots of packages regularly. You can imagine boxes piling up to your apartment package room ceiling because your residents didn’t pick them up on time, or worse, didn’t know to pick them. Furthermore, the chances of the packages getting lost or misplaced are often high when managing them manually. When this happens, you’re forced to compensate your residents, thus hurting your bottom line. 

The good news is, you can eliminate these and more setbacks by upgrading to a cloud-based package management system. Among other benefits, the best solution can help ensure that packages don’t bundle up to the roof and residents know when their items arrive and collect them on time. Thanks to prompt email and text reminders. 

Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Apartment Package Room

So, why should you jump ship to a more modernized apartment package room management system? Here are the top ten reasons:

Your Apartment Package Room is Congested

2020 saw one of the biggest online shopping sprees. Retail sales raked a whopping $861 billion in the U.S. alone. And the trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon, as e-commerce sales are expected to account for 18.1% of the total retail sales worldwide. The bottom line is, apartment building mail and package rooms will continue piling up. And as a property manager, upgrading to a better package management solution is your best bet at keeping up with the momentum. 

A package management system ensures that your residents pick up their packages as soon as they arrive to avoid apartment package room congestion. What’s more, the system also provides insightful guidance to residents who may not know how to pick up their packages. 

You Anticipate the Delivery Person Coming Through Your Doors

Why should you have to dread the sight of the package delivery person coming through your doors when you can use a tracking system instead? You can track your residents’ packages in real-time using a top-quality package management system. One that captures critical details like the tracking number, unit number, recipient name, as well as recipient courier. 

So instead of wasting time waiting for the package delivery person at your property doorstep, you can go about your other value-adding activities, knowing that the items will arrive safely and on time. 

Logging the Packages with Your Current System is Time-Consuming

Package logging is a hassle-free process that should take a few seconds if you have the right package management solution. However, some systems are usually absurdly slow and can take your staff the whole day just logging and dealing with the packages. 

Thankfully, you can save massively on time by upgrading to an advanced cloud-based package management system like Notifii Track. It helps you clear your apartment package room faster by logging packages in and out in a snap. That is, all you need to do is snap a photo with your phone or tablet to log packages within seconds, saving you up to 75% of the time. 

Packages are Frequently Getting Lost or Misplaced

If a resident’s property gets lost or misplaced in your package room, you may bear the responsibility, thus hurting your bottom line. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in the manual package management setup. Where a resident may pick up the wrong item or the courier ships the wrong order. And besides the financial implication, residents disappointed by their package loss may end up writing bad reviews online. 

Again, a reliable package management system protects your residents’ items from theft or misplacement. Ensuring that they (the packages) get picked up by their rightful owners quickly. Even better, an exemplary system allows users to customize details like pick-up instructions and specs. If a recipient forgets or delays collecting their package, the system sends automatic email or text reminders. 

You’re Constantly on the Phone with Residents Inquiring Whether Their Packages Have Arrived

It’s your role to keep residents updated on their package arrival. But answering constant inquiry phone calls isn’t child’s play. It’s even worse when, after each phone call, you have to spend at least five minutes manually scrolling through the logbook or searching the shelves one by one to check if the caller’s package has arrived. 

You can avoid all these constant calls that risk creating a bad impression on your property. This is by acquiring package management software that automates the recipient notification process. So residents no longer have to call in; they get notified via email and text as soon as their items arrive for a quick collection.

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Your Logbook isn’t Comprehensive Enough

Looking at your property management logbook, does it have sufficient details to guarantee proper accountability when need be? If the answer is NO, that’s a sign you need to upgrade to an app-based solution. One that provides all the required information at a click of the button. 

Logbooks are also prone to errors of omission and commission that may lead to costly experiences like misplacing a resident’s package. That’s another reason to switch to a package management system like Notifii Track. It captures all essential details in a snap and provides searchable history and reports for easy reference. 

Your Logbook or Binder has Several “Active” Pages

Besides scrolling through several pages, you also need a keen eye to quickly locate a signature spot for your residents to sign in your logbook. That’s quite time-consuming and task-demanding. Not to mention, your residents may run out of patience waiting for you to locate their package login/logout details. 

Switching to a modernized package management system saves you all these troubles by improving searchability. You can find any information you need in seconds by searching by the recipient name, date range, unit number, or tracking number.

No One Can Read Eligible Entries in the Package Log

Let’s face it; it’s challenging even to locate an entry made seven days ago in your manual log to settle a dispute. So if a resident comes complaining about their missing package, but you don’t have proof of pickup, you’ll be forced to bear the liability. 

On the flip side, a package management solution captures and saves all the activities, including login/logout details. As such, if a resident tables a dispute, you can effortlessly prove them wrong by referring to the system. 

You’re Supposed to be a Modern and Luxurious Property

Managing a posh property comes with high expectations from the residents. You can’t be having all the modern amenities that technology has to offer but use a pen and clipboard to manage your tenants’ packages. 

You can avoid embarrassing experiences like knocking on people’s doors to inform them of their package arrival by investing in a system that sends automatic text and email alerts. This goes along with ensuring that residents pick up their items on time to avoid apartment package room congestion. 

Your Residents Advise You to Upgrade from a Clipboard to Software

The customer, or should we say the tenant, is always right. You can’t downplay their call for wanting the best for your property management. If your residents advise you to upgrade from the old-school pen and clipboard to the new-world software-based solution, you better comply. After all, it’s not like you’re doing them a favor because it’s your work that will become more error-free, effortless, and efficient. On the flip side, your tenant will be receiving their packages on time, without any inconveniences or damages. So it’s a win-win!

Ready to Enhance Your Package Management Duties with Notifii Track?

Notifii Track is designed to make the whole package management process quicker and more effortless. It cuts the processing time for each package from minutes to seconds. automatically alerts residents via text or email when their items arrive, and even reminds those who may have forgotten to collect their packages as scheduled. And the best part? It’s hassle-free to search package history for specific information regarding specific items. 

So what else could you ask for in a first-class package management solution? Schedule a 14-day FREE trial today to see Notifii Track live in action!

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