Co-Working Amenities That You Can Upsell in Your Facilities

Co-working space is an innovative solution for independent contractors, freelancers, remote workers, as well as the entire workforce. As co-working spaces become popular, more investors are joining the industry, which scales up the competition. Equally, users of co-working spaces are mindful of the community, physical well-being, optimum value, as well as a better work-life balance. Therefore, providers of co-working spaces have unique demands to fulfill, which can help them develop a niche, increase profitability, as well as gain a competitive advantage. This is where the importance of co-working amenities comes in.

Here are a few co-working amenities that providers can upsell.

7 Co-Working Amenities You Can Upsell

1. Package Management

Workers sharing co-working amenities receive mails and packages from different individuals as well as delivery staff. The additional visitors can create a security loophole and increase disruptions during working hours.

It’s technically challenging to receive a package for a user who’s either absent or in the field. Therefore, providers of co-working space can offer a co-working package management system as a convenience service to their customers.

Below are a few aspects to include in the solution:

  • Package management system: Incorporate a system that records the package, receiver, and anyone who interacts with packages. It can be a channel for improving accountability, security, as well as communication. Notifii Track is one of the best package management systems you can include in this amenity. It offers notifications, package logs, as well as quick login or logout features.
  • Set a dedicated space for package management.
  • Install security measures like CCTV cameras, scanners, as well as biometric access systems.

2. Conference Rooms

The freelance industry comprises experts in software development, web design, digital marketers, independent consultants, graphic designers, etc. Their roles can involve sourcing and fulfilling customers’ orders online.

On the other hand, specific customers prefer live presentations during the sales process. Having a conference facility in co-working spaces creates an opportunity for freelancers to meet clients, hold brainstorming meetings, as well as to conduct training.

As a provider, you can take advantage of the opportunity by providing access to the conference facility at a fee or using different packages. To make the facility appealing, include ergonomic furniture, ample lighting, projectors, internet access, spacious rooms, as well as air conditioning.

3. Workshops

You’ll need a few methods to attract new clients, retain the existing ones, as well as create demand for your co-working spaces. You can liaise with successful remote workers, industry leaders, and experts to develop a workshop that provides value to the audience.

You can cover topics like pricing, finding clients, customer service in the digital world, and interactive sessions with your clients. A workshop also brings income directly to your facility and serves as a lead magnet for future customers.   

Here are a few ways to boost attendance and income:

  • Create a buzz in social media: Create great cover images of the keynote speaker and a teaser of the content covered in the event. You can also include success stories of people who have benefited from past workshops.
  • Create customized content: Create a poll on social media about the best topics to cover. It’s prudent to ask the current users which issues can boost their productivity and business income.

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4. Personal Care Services    

Office or freelancing work is mentally draining, which creates the need for regular personal care to optimize productivity. A typical worker would prefer a facility that lets you shower in between meetings or with a grooming facility for a dinner date.

Installation and maintenance of such a service require additional expenses, a good base to charge a premium or include it in special product bundles.

Here are some of the personal care facilities you can include:

  • Shower rooms
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Napping rooms
  • Grooming spaces

The ideal personal care facility should serve the interest of your customers. If you serve a predominantly female clientele, it’s wise to include grooming parlors. Shower rooms are also ideal for facilities that are away from residential areas.

5. Childcare Amenities

A considerable percentage of freelancers double up as parents to young kids. The ideal and modern co-working amenities should consider this aspect by including lactating rooms or areas for caregivers.

Childcare services have considerable demand, and they can be a great addition to a co-working space. Young parents can check on their children anytime, which reduces the worry about their welfare.

Below are ways to make the idea work.

  • Partnering with child care providers: Taking care of kids is a specialty that requires experts as well as suitable facilities. It may prove challenging to run such a facility without hands-on experience. You can leverage your customer numbers to attract a partner— the arrangement can gain extra income and offer excellent childcare services.
  • Make the facility child-friendly: Incorporate toys, playrooms, as well as music rooms.
  • Professional staff: Employ qualified and professional staff with early childhood training. You should also match the standard with good pay to increase their motivation and care for the kids.

6. Yoga Classes

Office workers spend many hours sitting, which poses multiple health risks. Therefore, a freelancer or a remote worker is prone to lifestyle conditions like back pains, eye strain, obesity, mental health issues, as well as colon cancer.

Regular exercise can help reduce the risk of being overweight or obese. It’s challenging to execute work-outs in an office because of the limited space. On the contrary, holding a yoga class requires little space, which makes it an ideal choice.

Some of the benefits you can sell about yoga include:

  • Back pain relief: Back pain is a common problem with people who sit for long hours or in a bad posture. It’s, therefore, an excellent option because of the nature of their work.
  • Better heart rate: Regular yoga helps to manage stress and inflammation, common with people suffering from heart problems. It can also help address excess weight and high blood pressure.
  • Boost energy levels and moods.
  • It helps improve flexibility, balance, and strength of muscles

You can hold yoga classes in conference rooms or common areas, reducing the cost of setting up the activity.

7. Photo Lab

Photography is one of the most in-demand skills in the modern business arena. Equally, freelancers rely on quality images and videos to market their skills and services. A photo lab is a great addition to help freelancers take quality images for marketing purposes.

It’s also a valuable platform for a businessperson that would love a professional setting while showcasing their products and services. Invest in good lighting, quality cameras, as well as a few professional backgrounds to boost the visual impression.

A point to note: You can incorporate a podcast studio to attract podcasters. You can also complement podcast studios with voice-over booths and broadcast studios — that workers in the creative industry require.

Let Us Help You Manage Co-Working Spaces

As the demand for co-working spaces rises, it may fuel your expansion drive resulting in more branches and co-working amenities. The additional customers may overwhelm your workforce and existing systems which may impact your service negatively.

That said, you can utilize Notifii technological solutions to enhance service delivery. We provide a secure, quick, and seamless communication platform for you and your residents. Schedule a demo here to learn more.

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