Why Package Management Software is Essential for an Apartment Building Mailroom

We’ve prepared this article to help you understand the need for package management software, particularly in today’s eventful mailrooms.

There were over two billion people who purchased goods and services online in the past year. That is according to Statista. In the same year, 2020, about 6.3 billion parcels were sent and received by mail in the US alone. What this means is that since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rapid growth of online shopping. This has increased the number of package deliveries to various apartments.

Unfortunately, the results have been overcrowded and clogged mailrooms. And even worse, it has led to mismanagement of packages. As an apartment mailroom manager, it is necessary to ensure that the delivery of packages is smooth, secured, and frictionless. That is paramount to the satisfaction of your residents. 

Here are six reasons why investing in package management software is imperative to your apartment’s mailroom.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Package Management Software

1. A Surge in the Number of Deliveries

Without any doubt, more and more people relied on online shopping during the pandemic more than at any other time. That said, in the next few months, the festive season will be trickling in. This means that e-commerce is still going to reign supreme. Mind you, last year, during the holiday season, it was estimated that there’d be around 7 million package deliveries per day.

2020 didn’t make it easier for apartment building mailrooms. So, you can’t expect it to be any easier during this holiday amid the ongoing pandemic. It’s challenging for apartments to gauge or estimate how many package storerooms they should prepare.

So, in short, effective package management software can help apartment mailrooms to streamline the entire delivery process. Hence, avoiding overcrowding in the mailrooms. It’ll also ensure there is enough capacity and spacing in your package lockers throughout. 

2. Increased Costs Due to Staffing 

According to the National Multifamily Council, 68 percent of workers spend up to 4 hours a week managing residents’ packages. And with the high number of packages arriving every day, the processes of storing, retrieving, and delivering packages can indeed be time-consuming. They take a significant amount of time for completion. Consequently, this eats up not only much of your staff’s time but also energy and effort.

It may also affect their overall productivity regarding other apartment management duties. Yet still, you will require additional staffing at certain times (if not every time) to effectively handle the packages. To reduce the costs, consider using package management software to automate some of the activities. Thus, requiring fewer employees to manage the package deliveries.

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3. Package Theft Problem is on the Rise

With the massive number of daily deliveries, it has not been easy managing packages in a safe and secured manner, especially in multifamily apartments. Without proper package management software or applications, it is nearly inevitable to experience certain times of mounting mailrooms.

Luckily, through package management software, mailroom managers can help deal with this outrageous act. Through instant and automated notifications, residents can hasten their response by picking their packages, reducing the extended wait periods. And in turn, it will help mitigate and avoid the risks of package theft issues by porch pirates. 

4. Restriction from the Mailrooms 

Unfortunately, retrieving packages from the mailrooms may sometimes not be as smooth as it is expected. Residents are oftentimes limited from accessing the apartment building mailroom (perhaps when staff is engaged elsewhere). Even so, there is also the need for contactless management amid the fear of the spread of COVID-19. And the worst part is that people working outside business hours may even face greater challenges due to such restrictions.

Package management software can come in handy to help redirect some essential packages to, let’s say, a neighborhood friend or family member, so they don’t get stuck in the package room. From there, one can easily pick them up later at their convenience without any fear of delays. 

5. Overcrowding in Apartment Package Mailrooms

Indeed, when packages aren’t cleared and taken out faster, the outcome will be overcrowding in the apartment’s building mailroom. When these mailrooms are overcrowded, the packages are highly likely to be altered or damaged.

This is especially true for perishable goods such as food, which can often get stale easily. Not forgetting that other delicate items may require special handling in the package rooms. Even so, instant notifications and reminders for residents can help reduce mailroom congestion.

Consequently, there will be quick movement of packages in and out of the mailroom, leading to fewer numbers in the package rooms. This only shows how package management software can drive faster retrievals to reduce the risks of damage that may come with overcrowding. 

6. Accountability and Customer Satisfaction

Let’s face it; it is not a lie that tenants’ satisfaction plays a key role in their retention. Their experience living and interacting in your apartment will determine if they’ll renew their lease contract when it expires or not. 

Thankfully, you can improve your tenants’ experience and satisfaction in your apartments with package management software. For instance, you can easily access previous data and information regarding packages and their recipients. This would enhance your accountability and efficiency while also minimizing the risks of theft and package damage.

Wrap Up

With the continually increasing number of package deliveries due to the surge in online purchases, it would be ludicrous to assume that the influx of packages in the mailrooms will be going down soon. So, it would be best to invest in package management software to prevent poor management of apartment building mailrooms, often caused by overcrowding, package thefts, and other challenges. 

This would precisely streamline all your mailroom operations to the benefit of your residents, leading to their retention. Need any help in managing and tracking your package concierge services? You can contact us to learn more about our Notifii Track system and see how we can help.

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