The Benefits of SMS Marketing

Contrary to popular perception, short message services or SMS have been around for nearly three decades. And it hasn’t changed much over the years since the dynamics of its usage remains pretty much the same, save for the fact that today we use sophisticated devices to send or receive SMS. Even better is that SMS is still popular not just for socializing, but also in the business world. In this post, we present you with proven reasons why SMS marketing is vital for your business and ways you can leverage it in your business. We also highlight nine notable benefits of SMS marketing; whether your industry is real estate, fitness, health, managed property, etc.

Why You Should Leverage SMS Into Your Business

Besides being a reliable communication medium, SMS messaging is cost-effective and yields timely results. It’s easy and fast to implement and has nearly immediate effects on marketing outcomes. SMS messaging performs way better compared to email and other marketing options. While text messaging provides the same two-way communication as direct calls, it has overtaken it significantly. 

Mobilesquared reports that over 90% of text messages are typically opened and read in under 5 minutes. Think of the many ways this kind of attention can impact your marketing efforts. Text messaging has transitioned from a social communication medium to a marketing tool where more and more businesses are optimizing SMS as a service tool. Using SMS marketing can promote customer retention in that you can keep tabs on your existing customers by sending regular updates, new products, offers, and promos. It also boosts overall sales and delivers substantial ROI.

How SMS Messaging as a Service Tool Works

When customers who seek your services leave their phone numbers, you can request to use those contact details as a communication medium with them. You can create segments of customers in your database based on their interests, products, or other demographics. With permission from these contacts, you can send them regular, relevant info and updates. Adding an SMS Module like the Notifii Connect platform to your SMS marketing is simple. Once you’ve signed up for a Notifii Connect account, all you have to do is integrate SMS into it. 

From there, you can effectively communicate with your contacts within the Notifii Connect smart inbox. This method of SMS marketing reduces your overall marketing costs. You only need to segment your messages as news texts, promo texts, or service texts, and they will be automatically stored, analyzed, tracked, and measured. This level of analytics helps your marketing team sort through what works then implement them effectively.

So What are the Benefits of SMS Marketing as a Service?

Below is a list of proven benefits of using SMS messaging as a service tool in your business. We also highlight how you can integrate SMS messaging into an existing SMS marketing platform like Notifii Connect to create an effective omnichannel strategy for customer service.

Instant Delivery 

When it comes to timely message delivery, SMS tends to be super quick and efficient. Text messages can be delivered in seconds to a wide audience, most of which can open and read within five minutes. What’s more, you can personalize a particular text message to fit into a specific segment.

Timely Results

With an effective platform like Notifii Connect, you’ll be able to keep track of all your SMS analytical data. This data enables you to see those who received the message, those who opened and read it, and those who left a response.


Text messages, much like mobile phones, are very personal. So if you send out a text to clients, they’re likely to respond immediately and discreetly. Think of how you can personalize each message for your specific clients to grab their attention much faster.


If you purchase bulk SMS, you can save more on marketing costs. This is more affordable than other marketing mediums like TV adverts, email marketing, radio, or print media.

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Simple and Easy to Use

A text message is the most simple and easy-to-use digital communication. Its simplicity has earned its global implementation as almost everyone can easily type, send, open, read and respond to a text message. Messages are typically short, concise, and straight to the point, just what most people prefer.

Global Connection

A text message can reach virtually anyone with a mobile device and signal. You can send bulk instant messages to millions of recipients anytime, anywhere. According to research, an estimated 7 billion mobile phones are being used daily. This means that SMS is one of the most globally synced technologies across most mobile service providers. It also allows you to connect to anyone in the world with a mobile device and signal. 


With your target audiences in mind, you can precisely send bulk messages to your segmented groups with relevant marketing messages. This helps you understand what works and what doesn’t so that you can restrategize accordingly.

Reliable Analytics

SMS can be tracked easily, especially if you work with a reliable service provider like Notifii Connect. The platform provides delivery reports which help you analyze your progress and success rates. You can then implement positive changes in your next marketing campaign.


Typically, most mobile phones come with a spam filter, so it’s easier and safer to send text messages, unlike emails that deliver suspicious attachments. Additionally, the delivery period occurs within 48 hours to accommodate phones switched off or out of signal. That makes the delivery of SMS more reliable. Having your number blocked is maybe the worst that can happen, but you still get to retain most of your contacts.

Given all the incredible benefits of SMS marketing, let’s assume you want to integrate SMS messaging as a service tool for your business; how would you set up such a system? Check out our latest email and SMS marketing tool: Notifii Connect.

How to Connect to an SMS Module

With the above benefits of text messaging services, it’s no doubt you can rely on it to communicate with multiple clients at once. Whether you are into real estate, gyms, restaurants, or any other type of business, you can easily and efficiently connect with your clients. To do this more effectively, Notifii Connect enables you to send timely updates and promos or offers cost-effectively. This will help you boost your rapport with your existing customers. You can opt to personalize and send two-way texts to individual clients or send them by each segment. Notifii Connect offers the automatic opt-out option and seamless data integration with any type of business.

How Notifii Connect Works

  • Keep your community informed
  • Send important updates instantly
  • Round-the-clock communication anywhere
  • Instant message delivery
  • Minimized delinquencies
  • Send automatic reminders and alerts
  • Automatically resend unopened texts
  • Email engagement
  • Records of all communication
  • Promote customer retention
  • Automate answers to frequently asked questions

To learn more about this new email and SMS marketing tool that is taking the real estate industry by storm, contact us today. Also, feel free to request a demo.

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