Mailroom Management Solutions: Transforming Your Event Venue Mailroom

Mailrooms in every industry are coping with change that fairly could be called revolutionary. Snail mail has been displaced by electronic messages. However, the mailroom management challenge has not lessened but increased exponentially. The same technology that has superseded snail mail has released a torrent of online purchases that must be delivered—and arrive in the mailrooms of apartment complexes, corporations, health facilities, universities, and entertainment event venues (to name just some).

Parcels shipped in the United States in 2018 topped 13 billion out of 87 million worldwide; that was a doubling of the volume since 2014. These parcels arrive daily in mailrooms. Hence, they are inspected for possible damage, accepted, logged in, stored, and their recipients notified of their arrival. For some mailrooms, another step is delivery of the package to an office, apartment, or other “door.”

Accepting a package raises liability issues for the mailroom staff. Mere tedious logging of parcels by hand can take an hour a day. Recipients may be identified by the carrier or sender immediately when the package has been delivered; this may be before the mailroom system has logged in and processed the parcel. When a package is picked up, the mailroom staff must confirm that it is by the package’s recipient. But when a friend or relative comes to claim the package for the recipient, the mailroom staff is confronted with another potential liability.

These, of course, are only headline challenges of busy mailrooms. Notifii customers in mailrooms of apartment complexes, corporations, educational institutions, hospitals, and any other organization receiving hundreds or thousands of packages a day adapt and apply Notifii Track to their distinctive situation and challenges.  

Instructive examples are entertainment event venues. They face all the typical mailroom management challenges. But also special needs for which they sought management software.

The T-Mobile Arena Case

T-Mobile Arena was faced with tracking a package arriving and then being delivered in its 20K-seat, 1.5-acre event center on the Las Vegas strip. The state-of-the-art arena showcases some of the biggest events in the country. The range is from concerts to bullfighting with interactive experiences that keep audiences coming back.

The busy staff of the arena must keep “the show” going day after day, in every season. How much time do they want to spend dealing with packages? T-Mobile Arena mailroom and loading dock manager, David Pinello, was facing that question. It was his job to deliver personal incoming packages to all employee recipients. But with online shopping (with parcels often delivered to the office for the sake of convenience and safety) the burden of delivering the packages to office doors was burgeoning. Obviously, the problem multiplied during the holiday season—just when entertainment schedules were also peaking in Las Vegas

What Happened and How Notifii Fixed the Problem

Pinello reached out for Notifii Track mailroom management software. Its package logging app immediately made for quick and easy scanning of arriving parcels. Saving time on a daily, repetitious, but unavoidable job. The system then alerted recipients immediately that their parcel had arrived. The software also caused the package, on arrival, to be photographed, the photograph accompanying the message to the recipient. A photograph documents the condition of the package on arrival, including any damage. This greatly reduces the issue of possible damage to the package while it’s in mailroom custody.

Pinello says, “By using Notifii I can now scan the tracking number and take pictures to send to the recipient and by doing this it speeds up the delivery.” Pinello took note of how easy it was to train his team members to use the new system. This proved simple and user-friendly.

The Notifii team followed the progress of Pinello’s solutions to Arena package-management challenges. The success moved Pinello to recommend Notifii Track package software to other businesses of all sizes. His language was enthusiastic: “I would highly recommend using Notifii Track! It is a very good tracking system and you always keep track of all your packages.

The T-Mobile Arena made the complete transition from no notification system, leaving packages at office doors, and no package tagging to scanning-in packages quickly. Sending out instant notifications, using parcel photo uploads, and delivering packages much faster.

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Detroit Lions (NFL)

Another entertainment industry event venue, the Detroit Lions, an NFL team in Detroit, was struggling with a problem of misplaced packages.

Mailroom Shipping and Receiving Coordinator, Ray Sanders, not only wanted to do better but liked the idea of setting an example for other mailrooms.

The problem was that employees tracked their FedEx packages online. They received FedEx notifications when their shipments had arrived. Not infrequently, that was before the mailroom had a chance to process and log the packages. It made for a certain confusion that Sanders found unacceptable.

Resolving the Problem with Notifii Solutions

The mailroom needed a way to prove that the package safely arrived on the premises. Notifii Track ultimately resolved this problem. The scope of the problem was to sort daily through all packages without a logging system and with no way to predict how many packages would arrive that day. Sorting alone, in fact, required 30-45 minutes a day. An annual average of some 500 packages a day was arriving for about 500 employees. Now, any package that comes into the building is photographed at once with the app and becomes easy to search. So, if anyone gets in touch, Sanders can find it and send visual proof of arrival.

There are very practical results for the Lions. People do not come to the mailroom prematurely just to check if they have a package. The mailroom does not scramble to find packages.

Sanders, too, is enthusiastic.  Soon after he began using Notifii Tracking, he posted online: “Notifii has helped me build the Detroit Lions Shipping and Receiving Room into the best in the NFL. If you’re looking for a cloud-based Tracking Software check them out!”

The Detroit Lions made the transformation from lost packages, miscommunications about timing, and lack of organization to accountability, time saved, and satisfied employees.

Notifii Mailroom Management Solutions

Multiple mailrooms and facilities are now incorporating Notifii mailroom management solutions. Coping with the era of online purchases and package deliveries now in the billions annually–and growing.

Fortunately, automation management aids every aspect of package management. Using the system is easy to learn and easy to teach to employees.

We welcome you to watch a demo of the system and get in touch with us. We will want to know your particular situation, problems, view of the best solutions, and timing needs. Package management faces its peak challenge around the holiday season. So, it is best to install the system and use it well ahead of time.

Reach out to our package management specialist today!

Check back here regularly for information, insights, and updates on mailroom management solutions.

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