Virtual Resident Engagement

Engaged residents are residents that renew. With COVID-19 regulations changing how you engage your residents – we’ve put together a list of fun ideas for driving engagement while social distancing.

Facebook Live Book Clubs

Residents have lots of free time at their disposal, and for book lovers, this is a perfect opportunity to zoom through their favorite publications. Grab this chance to create a book club for members to meet via Facebook live (or any other social network) every week. In addition, you can choose a catchy book and forward the link where your residents can get it online. After that, communicate the date and host frequent virtual meetings discussing the book’s storyline as a way of connecting with the neighbors. 

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Patio Decorating Contests

Apartment patios/balconies are perfect set-ups for hosting virtual resident events. In fact, a great idea would be asking residents to decorate their patios with their favorite themed decor, e.g., spring, Easter, sports, etc. Enlighten them on any property rules available and encourage every participant to create unique decorations without copying their neighbors’. After that, collect the finished product pictures then post them on your social media channels, encouraging the community to vote for the winner.


Netflix Night Parties

Organizing Netflix night parties is all about introducing a new watching experience among your residents. Property managers can use this virtual entertainment feature to connect friends, families, and friends with their favorite movies. To realize that, all you have to do is send out instructions to your residents on how to download and install the Netflix party extension and select a thrilling movie. Besides enjoying the movie, residents can even comment on the film, bolstering interactions with each other.

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Virtual Workouts

With fitness facilities across the country closed, many people are feeling down due to the disruption of their everyday workout routines. Property managers hosting virtual workouts can be a great relief for residents. If you’re a fitness enthusiast personally, you can stream your workout session to your residents virtually using video-conferencing platforms like Zoom. If not, you can source for the best virtual workouts and recommend/share the links with your residents. Don’t forget, social media is an excellent platform for connecting with the tenants regularly and discussing health and safety matters.


Weekly Email Newsletters

With the ongoing economic, health, and social challenges, the least you can do is assure your residents that your on-site property management team is there for them no matter what. Setting up weekly email newsletters is an ingenious way of giving your residents a roundup of what has transpired over the week. Sending all the information they need to know straight to their inbox is way better than knocking on every tenant’s door with flyers or notes. What’s more, you can utilize the opportunity to raise awareness about future virtual resident events. The convenience and consistency in this type of information dissemination are unbeatable. 

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Why Notifii Connect?

There are tons of resident virtual communication tools in the market, but none beats Notifii Connect in efficiency and support. Using the platform bears the following benefits:

  • Keeping everyone informed through instant message delivery and real-time engagement with residents via the mobile app. 
  • Boosting resident retention by promoting virtual events, providing timely updates, and sending automated celebratory messages for special occasions like birthdays and move-in dates.
  • Enhancing compliance by sending out automated rent reminders, analyzing email engagements, organizing communication records, etc. 
  • Engaging prospects through text and email promotions plus automated sales touches to optimize conversion


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