Optical Character Recognition – What It Is and How to Use It

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Generally speaking, the technology is used to recognize text on scanned documents, labels, and more. We use it in Notifii Track to make mailroom package tracking process even faster by automatically identifying the recipient’s name and tracking number with the camera. Other companies like Google use OCR for products like Google Lens – where you can read text and that text is pushed to a google search.

Why OCR?

For large amounts of letters or numbers, manual input is rife with human error. One typo, one space, or one second of not paying attention and your team may have to go back and input package numbers, again and again, to get it right. With OCR, this process is shortened from 30-60 seconds to 4-5.


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OCR Uses

Optical character recognition is used in a variety of fields (including package logging apps) to make data entry seamless and less prone to error. Some popular uses include:

  • Data entry for business documents
  • Digital check cashing
  • Filling out card information
  • Passport scanning
  • License plate scanning
  • Online shopping
  • In-store shopping (like checking prices or inventory)
  • Assistive technology for the blind or impaired

Try an OCR Tool In Your Mailroom

Notifii Track’s OCR feature has helped thousands of mailrooms log packages in and out FAST and accurately. See how it works live on a one-on-one demo with our product specialists. Select a time that works for you here. (and yes – it’s free)