What is the Best Package Tracking Software for Your Business?

If you’re still package logging manually with a paper package log system, it’s time to upgrade. Whether you are an apartment complex, student housing or an office building, there is a best package tracking software for you.

Package tracking software is available for a variety of business demographics, and there is a right fit for your situation. Here is a breakdown of the options available to you and your specific needs.

Palm PDA Device Run Package Tracking Software

There are inbound package tracking systems that will scan and log your package which will require specific equipment to utilize the software, namely handheld scanners or Palm PDA devices.
Though this is a web-based package tracking system, it is not the most practical for the modern use case. The Palm PDA devices are dated, require hefty rental fees and are not intuitive to the user. Rarely are there photo upload options with this package tracking software, and the user-friendliness of the antiquated interface has much to be desired. Often, screens are small, difficult to read and are limited in usability.

One of the largest complaints of these outdated package tracking systems is the required, lengthy (and expensive) contracts. Reviews from consumers suggest that this package logging app often insists on 3-year contracts and equipment rentals for the duration.
If you are an apartment complex, student housing or an office building, this option for package tracking software would most likely not satisfy the needs of your business.

Add-On Package Tracking Applications

If you’re in property management or student housing, you are very familiar with the add-on package tracking applications. This option is a very limited solution to your package logging and tracking needs and is often offered as an added “perk” with your current CRM or property management software.

These package tracking software add-ons lack any real solution-based function. They are a “one-size-fits-all” option that has little consideration for the actual workflow of your office and the realistic needs of your staff and package recipients. Read more about add-on package tracking applications and decide whether this would be an appropriate fit for your business.

Dual-Function Package Logging Apps

Package logging apps can come in many shapes and sizes. There are some solutions that may seem to do the job, have a clean user experience, and appear to fit the bill. However, when a package tracking software has a dual function (or another application outside of package logging that was the original software function) then you are not getting the full experience that you need for your package logging and tracking.

For office buildings and corporate mailrooms, steer clear of these dual-function software solutions. You will discover quickly that they will treat your mailroom like a one-stop reception desk and limit your customization and hinder your workflow.

Though this option does outweigh Palm PDA devices driven package tracking software and add-on package logging applications, it will fall short in the long run of streamlining your package management at the office.

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Specialty Package Tracking Software

By far the best solution for your package logging and tracking needs, specialty package tracking software is just that, special. This software is specifically designed for the most important need, logging and tracking inbound packages at your apartment complex, student housing or corporate mailroom.

Specialty package tracking software offers customization that will allow you to build the best solution for your use case. This package logging app is web-based and runs on IOS, allowing you to use hardware that you either already have, such as a smart phone, or is monetarily reasonable, such as tablets.
Specialty package tracking software is built for not just the apartment complex, but the corporate mailroom as well. It offers the ability to create multiple drop off locations, package logging details including package photos as well as instant notifications via text or email to package recipients.

To learn more about specialty package tracking software and whether it is a good fit for your business, contact Notifiiand ask about the 14-day free trial of Notifii Track package tracking software.

What to Look For in the Best Package Tracking Software Options

When you begin your search for the best package tracking software here are the key points to look for in your solution:

• Package tracking software that offers a variety of notification delivery options such as text, email or even Slack!

• Look for custom template options and other special features that will personalize the experience for your employees, residents, or staff.

• No contracts and competitive monthly pricing for apartments, universities or corporate mailrooms. Don’t get tied into fine print contracts that leave you stuck using a software that may not work for you.

• Always aim for a software that offers a Free Trial. This indicates the company is confident in their user experience.

Read reviews! Always do a little research on what the existing or past customers are saying about a software.

For more information on package tracking software or to schedule a demo and check out just what this software can do for your business, contact Notifii.