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What to Expect for the 2018 Holiday Shipping Season


What to Expect for the 2018 Holiday Shipping Season

I t’s that time of year again - the days are getting colder, the seasonal festivities are near, and there are presents galore being shipping to consumers across the country - in the form of packages. Lots and lots of packages. This year’s peak package season has arrived… be prepared with these tips and insight from the Notifii Team! 

Ecommerce Will Continue to Grow

This year’s Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday week is expected to be the largest week of eCommerce - ever. With huge deals from millions of companies, it’s highly likely that these holidays are bringing hundreds of packages to your community. With deals that are difficult to resist and the speed of shipping faster than ever, people are continuing to skip the lines and get the same deals online, which means all of these products will be shipped right to their door - or to be even more accurate, yours.

Amazon’s Volume is expected to be larger than ever:

Amazon has already announced that they’ll be offering free shipping this holiday season - catapulting the already monstrous eCommerce website’s estimated package volume even higher than previously expected. Inc. snapped up between 45% and 50% of all online holiday retail sales in 2017, and that number is expected to be even larger this year.

Mobile Shopping is the Next Biggest Trend:

This year, more consumers than ever before are actually going to purchase their items on mobile devices. People are shopping, searching and purchasing on mobile - making it easier than ever for online shoppers to purchase the items they’re searching for in a few simple clicks. The addition of Amazon’s Alexa and Google play is also expected to create their own booms for online shopping - when you can repurchase and buy new items by voice alone, it’s safe to say that people are now turning to ease when it comes to online purchases.

People Are Expecting Efficiency:

People shop online because it’s easy - and when the experience doesn’t go as expected, people are upset. Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping has created a group of consumers that expects their packages promptly and easily - tracking and all. Whether we’re talking about your residents, students, or corporate employees, efficiency is no longer an ideal - it’ a necessity -  and that’s where we come in!

Is your company, student housing community or apartment property suffering from the volume of packages that the holiday season is currently providing? This new normal isn’t just a temporary issue - it’s going to continue to shape the future of package deliveries and online shopping. If you’re looking to get ahead this year and not let package management bring you down, Notifii Track is the perfect application for processing, tracking and managing your internal package delivery system.

If you’re looking to solve your last mile package management problem, Notifii Track can help! At Notifii, we believe that technology should be an investment that immediately begins to affect your bottom line. Our package management solution that solves the final mile of package tracking dilemma, Notifii Track, is a cloud-based solution that dramatically reduces the amount of time your staff spends on package logging and tracking, and powerfully proves it’s impact by generating thousands of dollars of saving to your bottom line!

If you’d like to learn more about our solution—Notifii Track—visit us at or give us a call at (888) 506-8536 and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions and demonstrate first hand how our solutions can help you start saving time and money today.