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Who Takes the Blame for Lost Packages at the Workplace?


Who takes the blame for lost packages at the workplace?

I t’s a worst-case scenario for any busy employee or executive: a package you ordered arrives at the office. You venture into the corporate mailroom to pick it up — only to find that no one can locate it. Your package tracking email from your provider says that it was delivered, so surely it must be somewhere in the mailroom, right?

It’s not something most of us have experienced, but the truth is that packages can and do become lost.

Employees are increasingly having packages sent to the office when they won’t be home to accept them. This is largely due to the rise in “porch pirates” that make employees feel like having someone accept their precious parcels would be a safer option than leaving items on their doorstep.

But when the office mailroom cannot locate a package it accepted, should they also accept the liability that comes with it?

Let’s look at the facts:

Who Bears Delivery Liability?

When you order a package or have an important piece of mail sent by courier, the logistics provider bears the responsibility of safe delivery up until the item is delivered. For example, if your Amazon shipment was somehow damaged during transport, you may be able to hold the carrier responsible.

Once the items have been delivered, however, the recipient assumes liability for those items. Many carriers like UPS and corporate-owned freight deliveries will take photographs of the parcels upon delivery as proof that the items were delivered to the right location.

Here’s where it gets interesting: a delivery can be made to an organization or person representing the organization on behalf of the recipient, even if it’s a confidential or personal item. Upon delivery, the courier’s responsibility ends and the organization accepts responsibility for the item.

Ultimately, this means that employees can hold the office mailroom accountable for accepting deliveries on their behalf. Even if you have a corporate policy that waives your responsibility, it can lead to unhappy employees if a package becomes lost or stolen.

This is becoming more common as the influx of packages continues to increase. Companies are accepting more packages than ever before, thanks to an increase in online ordering and employees having personal packages sent to the office. This is creating challenges for mailroom workers as they struggle to find space to accommodate all packages, keep them safe, and find better ways to notify employees to come pick up their items.

How Notifii Reduces Corporate Mailroom Responsibility

In response to the growing package industry, Notifii is helping corporate mailrooms transform their processes to reduce liability and improve the employee experience. Our internal package tracking software allows mailroom workers to scan and enter packages in seconds, rather than minutes, document each delivery, and notify recipients via text or email at scale. Employees can be more proactive in retrieving their packages, which will free up valuable space in the corporate mailroom.

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